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Message from the President

For the better part of a century, this historic campus has been dedicated to service—service not only on behalf of the students and scholars who have both studied and worked here or the ever-changing community around it, but also for the nation and yes, even the world.

During the dark days of World War II, this campus was the training ground for the WAVES—Women Accepted for Voluntary Emergency Service—marking the first time women could serve in our nation’s military. Soon after, the United Nations, seeking to build a new world in the chaos of the post-war period, began its noble quest for human rights, peace, and the rule of law for all, right here in what was then the Gymnasium Building.

Since it was first constructed in 1931, this campus has been a destination for those seeking knowledge; first as a home for the uptown branch of Hunter College, and for the last forty-three years, home to Herbert H. Lehman College, where we have built upon the traditions of the campus and further expanded the City University of New York’s mission in the Bronx.

Since 1968, Lehman has provided the gateway to a better life for more than 62,000 alumni. Old and young, American-born and immigrants, and members of every race and religion have walked through our doors, strolled our tranquil green walkways, and studied within both the buildings we inherited and the new ones we have added — and are still adding — to this historic campus.

Despite its many accomplishments, this campus is not resting on its laurels. We continue to strive for a better, and more inclusive, future for the entire Lehman community. Come join us as we celebrate eighty years of excellence in education here in the Bronx.

Ricardo R. Fernández, President
Herbert H. Lehman College

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