Adult Degree Program

Schedule of Adult Degree Program Classes



Session I      (A)  June 1 – July 1

Finding Mangoes on the Moon – 3Cr.

IBA 152.81A / Code #              Mondays & Wednesdays

6PM – 10:00PM                            George Green

Students will read and analyze the most beautiful love poems ever written and poems that speak to every aspect of desire and aspiration. We will cover the “greatest hits” of the English language tradition as well as poems in translation and the most exciting and compelling contemporary poems. The class will take a “nuts and bolts” approach to poetic technique and learn the methods that poets employ to enchant and delight us.


Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Video – 3 Cr.

IBA 155.H01 / Code #              Tuesdays (6/2, 9, 16, 23, 30)

6PM – 10:00PM                              Susannah Thompson

Please note that this is a hybrid class. Coursework will be divided between on-campus class sessions and online work via Blackboard. In this class we will study the immense power and scope of the human imagination through an exploration of varied "texts" including short fiction, live-action film, anime, and video games. Through a combination of independent readings, projects and collaborative endeavors, we will study works of speculative fiction and other forms of text that build upon it; investigating the elements of theme, narrative, point of view, setting and metaphor as we go. You don't have to already be an experienced sci-fi or fantasy reader to join us; neither do you need to know your way around an Xbox!


Session II    (B)  July 7 – August 5

Is Good Parenting Enough – 3Cr.

IBA 150.81B/ Code #                    Monday & Wednesday

6PM – 10:00PM                                     Ray Grizzel

This course will use selected readings, written assignments, and discussion to consider the psychosocial changes that have impacted parenting during the past 400 years. Different schools of thought regarding parenting will be examined as well as historical differences, cultures, and consideration of today’s challenges. Traditional and non-traditional family structures (two parents, single parent, and extended family) will also be discussed. No previous coursework is necessary.


Mad Love: Sexuality, Gender, Politics & Cultural Turmoil in the Obsessional Relationship in Films - 3Cr.

IBA 159.81B / Code #                     Tuesday & Thursday

6PM – 10:00PM                                    John Gaffney

Obsession in film has always concerned itself with those who flee and those who pursue, within a narrative replete with figures who are haunted. This class will examine those figures for what they reveal about dominance and consent in a relationship; how society condemns those involved even while providing structures that condone obsessive behavior; and how gender politics uncovers the contours of desire and consciousness.




  • Summer Registration begins April 6, 2015
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Begin -Wed., Jan 28th - End - Sat., May 16th

Finals - Mon, May 18th - Sat., May 23rd


IBA 150.A01 Reg Code: 71778        Psychosocial Development in Youth (3 cr)

ONLINE                                                                                                                              Instructor: R. Grizzel

This course considers the interaction between the psychological development and the social environment of youth (adolescence) in our society from both the psychological and sociological perspectives.


IBA 151.ZP01 Reg Code: 71744      Health, Wealth and Happiness: The Importance of Greening  (3 cr)

Sunday                   12PM – 2:40PM                                                                        Instructor: L. Judd

This course explores the growing necessity to understand how living, working, and eating "green" affects our lives. Panel discussions with experts from respective fields include Water and Conservation, Green Business Development, and Sustainable Living, and a field trip will add insight to class lectures. Green investing, Eco-Tourism, working, building and eating "green" will also be explored.


IBA152.XW81 Reg Code: 71751    A Historical Fascination with Fear (3 cr)

Wednesday                         6PM – 8:40PM                                                             Instructor: G. Green

This course will chronicle the thrilling careers of monsters, mad scientists, and psycho killers from “Frankenstein” to “The Shining” and explore the ways in which horror films and fiction help us to manage existential fear and fear of the unknown.  Students will cringe and shriek their way through selected works of fiction and feature films while learning the authors' stylistic approaches to writing. 


IBA 153.XT81 Reg Code: 71752      Cultural Values and Mores Depicted through Dance & Music (3 cr)

Tuesday                 6PM – 8:40PM                                                                           Instructor: R. Heydarbeygi

The values of a society are often described by the music and dance movements performed by its people. This course will develop awareness and understanding of the role of music, movement, and the symbolism performed by world cultures through their creative expression.


IBA 154.H01 Reg Code: 71754       Images of Self: Memoirs and Autobiographies (3 cr)

Saturday                9:15AM – 11:55AM                                                                  Instructor: S. Thompson 

Please note that this is a hybrid class. Coursework will be divided between on-campus class sessions and online work via Blackboard. The course will meet on the following Saturdays: 01/31, 02/07, 02/28, 03/21, 04/18, 05/02, and 05/16.

This course is designed to support students in exploring concepts of self through the analysis of print and visual texts, as well as sharing meaningful experiences in their own lives through written expression. Coursework will be comprised of both informal and formal responses to visual and written representations of the self by writers, photographers, and painters, and exercises in memoir writing.


IBA 155.A01 Reg Code: 71757        Food for Thought: Eating and Drinking Across Cultures (3 cr)

ONLINE                                                                                                                   Instructor: S. Thompson

An exploration of attitudes toward food across cultures, with an emphasis on both literal and figurative roles of eating and drinking in popular literature and film. Readings will be drawn from traditional articles and fiction, as well as websites, blogs, and other forms of New Media. Online viewing of documentaries, feature films, and video clips of food-centric reality television will be an integral part of coursework, as will research and blogging about our discoveries.


IBA 156.H81  Reg Code: 71781      Global Perspective on Happiness (3 Cr)

Fridays                     6PM – 8:40PM                                                                        Instructor: R. Grizzel

This course will explore psychological principles and how they can be used to understand the complex world we live in. the course involves reading and discussion of topics to include time management, drugs and the mind, motivation, learning, habit formation, goal setting, getting things done, and other subjects relevant to the class. No previous knowledge of psychology is required. Please note this is a hybrid class that will meet on the following Fridays: 01/30, 02/20, 03/20, 04/17, & 05/22


IBA 157.XH81 Reg Code: 71759     The Art of Persuasion: The Craft of Political Action (3 cr)

Thursday               6PM – 8:40PM                                                                           Instructor:  J. Ferris

 This course will study the art of persuasion.  Students will gain a fundamental understanding of persuasion through exploration of the underlying theories.  A large portion of this course will be built around the understanding of how and why others are persuaded.  Students will analyze political messages and apply learned concepts through demonstration via written and oral communications.  Writings will include, but not be limited to, op-ed, letters to the editor and political representatives, and pieces for advertising and fundraising.


IBA 158.XH81 Reg Code: 71765     Death and Dying through Film and Literature (3 cr)

Thursday               6PM-8:40PM                                                                                Instructor: N. Hannon

Using such books as The Death of Ivan Ilych by Leo Tolstoy and A Grief Observed by C.S. Lewis, and films such as “Long Term Companion”, and “Charlotte’s Web”, we will analyze the complex set of human behaviors and feelings when confronting death and dying, and grieving in American society. The books and films will help us understand the social, emotional and practical aspect of death, including the treatment of AIDS, the hospice movement, and the role of funerals. We will also examine current thinking on ethical issues surrounding death and dying by using documentaries about living wills and health care.


IBA 159.XT81 Reg Code: 71768      Capital & Consequence: Business & Its Effect on Race, Gender, & Family in Film (3 cr)

Tuesday                 6PM - 8:40PM                                                                              Instructor: J. Gaffney

Playwright Ben Johnson gives his character, Volpone, a greedy nobleman from Venice, this line of dialogue, “Yet I glory more in the cunning purchase of my wealth, than in the glad possession…” We will examine films where a family in the America of 1900 is possessed by the spirit of coldblooded Capitalism and expanding Big Business; and how limitless energy and brutal piracy is embodied in a German war widow’s economic rise in post – WWII Berlin; and how a 19th century Caribbean revolution for social responsibility and justice is directed by European commercial concerns. This course will examine how film represents the effectiveness of business in how it maneuvers its players in the pursuit of wealth and its attendant consequences upon the society, politics, and morals of those who attain it.


IBA 160.XM81 Reg Code: 71770       Prior Learning Assessment: Portfolio Development (3 cr)

Monday                 6PM – 8:40PM                                                                           Instructor: J. Gaffney

This course is designed to teach students the organization and structure needed to develop a formal portfolio of their alternative learning experiences in the workforce. Many adult students have done substantial learning through work experience. The ability to write a comprehensive and convincing document of these experiences is critical for positive evaluation and award of credits.

This is a three-credit course, in addition to the 1–15 credits which may be awarded for the life experience.


IBA 481 Independent Study/Fieldwork    (Open to ADP Students Only)

Adult Degree Program students who wish to enroll for independent research or fieldwork projects must pick up a proposal form at the ADP office, Carman Hall 128. Completed proposals signed by the full-time faculty supervisor and the department chair, must be submitted to the ADP office prior to registration; permission from ADP is required to register for the course. Be sure, when you set up the project with your supervisor that you arrange to meet on a regular basis to discuss your progress. You may register for up to nine (9) fieldwork credits in the Spring semester.



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