Professional Studies

Schedule of Adult Degree Program Classes

Summer 2014 (June 2 - August 13, 2014)
Fall 2014 (August 28 - December 22, 2014)

Session A (June 2 - July 2)

IBA 150.81A (10318) Is Good Parenting Enough?
Mondays and Wednesdays, 6:00 - 10:00 PM
Professor Ray Grizzel
This course will use slected readings, written assignments, and discussion to consider the psychosocial changes that have impacted parenting during the past 400 years. Different schools of though regarding parenting will be examined as well as historical differences, cultures, and consideration of today's challenges. Traditional and non-traditional family structures (two parents, single parent, and extended family) will also be discussed. No previous coursework is necessary.

IBA 151.A01A (10317) Health, Wealth and Happiness (3 credits)
Professor Leslie Judd
This course explores the growing necessity to understand how living, working, and eating "green" affects our lives. Panel discussions with experts from respective fields include Water and Conservation, Green Business Development, and Sustainable Living, and a field trip will add insight to class lectures. Green Investing Eco-Tourism, working, building and eating "green" will also be explored.

SESSION B (July 7 - August 6)

IBA152.81B (10316) The Language of Love: The Poetry of Longing and Desire (3 credits)
Mondays and Wednesdays, 6:00 - 10:00 PM
Professor George Green
Students will read and analyze the most beautiful love poems ever written and poems that speak to every aspect of desire and aspiration. We will cover the "greatest hits" of the English language tradition as well as poems in translations and the most exciting and compelling contemporary poems. The class will take a "nuts and bolts" approach to poetic technique, and will learn the methods that poets employ to enchant and delight us.

IBA159.81B (8859) Shadows & Reflections: American Films of the Sixties and Seventies (3 credits)
Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6:00 - 10:35 PM

Professor John Gaffney
The 1960s provided American with one of the most controversial decades in its history. Alternative social, cultural and political currents seemed on the verge of engulfing the populace in anxiety and discontent. And yet, Americans showed an irrepressible desire to discover and confront some of the unsettling truths that had previously been hidden in the shadows of American life. Nowhere was this more apparent than in the movies that were made during that time, and in the decade that followed. This course will survey films from the 1960s and 1970s that reflect the pressures and changes facing America during that turbulent period. Readings and films to be announced.

SESSION N (June 2 - August 13)

IBA 160.H01 (11525)Prior Learning Assessment: Portfolio Development (3 credits)
Professor Damele Collier
This course is designed to teach students the organization and structure needed to develop a formal portfolio of their alternative learning experiences in the workforce. Many adult students have done substantial learning through work experience. The ability to write a comprehensive and convincing document of these experiences is critical for positive evaluation and award of credits. This is a three-credit course, in addition to the 1–15 credits which may be awarded for the life experience.
This course is a hybrid that meets on the following Saturdays: 6/2, 6/21, 7/12, 7/26, and 8/9.  
9:30 AM - 1:15 PM

IBA 481 Independent Study/Fieldwork    (Open to ADP Students Only)
Adult Degree Program students who wish to enroll for independent research or fieldwork projects must pick up a proposal form at the ADP office, Carman Hall 128. Completed proposals signed by the full-time faculty supervisor and the department chair, must be submitted to the ADP office prior to registration; permission from ADP is required to register for the course. Be sure, when you set up the project with your supervisor that you arrange to meet on a regular basis to discuss your progress. You may register for up to nine (9) fieldwork credits in the Spring semester.


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