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Schedule of Adult Degree Program Classes

FALL 2014 

August 28 - December 22, 2014



IBA 150XH81 – Reg #. 69998              Psychological & Social Effects of Coming Home ~ 3Cr

Thursday                                                    6P–8:40P                                                   Instructor: Ray Grizzel

Coming Back - this course considers the Psychological and Social components of people coming back into or entering an aspect of society.  Examples would include a delayed entrance into college (after a family, military service, release from a penal institution), entering the workforce, or a career change.  The course will cover the challenges and difficulties as well as consider the ways people have successfully dealt with the changes.


IBA 151.ZP01 – Reg #. 70000              Food Health & the Environment: What’s the Connection ~ 3 Cr

Sunday                                                       12Noon–2:40PM                                    Instructor: L. Judd

This class will explore the ways that food, health and the environment are inter-connected.  We will look at the way food is produced and consumed in this country and how food affects our personal health as well as the health of the planet.  We will look at ways that our personal health is affected by exposure to environmental factors such as water and air pollution, indoor air pollution, toxic contamination, etc.  Additionally, we will explore ways in which health care that emphasizes environmental responsibility and protecting the health of patients in a holistic manner is beneficial for everyone.  We will show that when people and institutions are environmentally responsible and eat healthy food, our personal health as well as the health of the planet can be improved.  Throughout the semester, guest speakers, films and field trips will be featured to provide students with a diverse overview of these issues.



IBA152.XH81  – Reg #. 70004           The Poetry of the American Lyric ~ 3Cr

Thursday                                                   6PM–8:40PM                                          Instructor: G. Green

This course will study a wide spectrum of hit lyrics and determine the elements that combine to make the poetry of song. We will consider how lyrics are composed and performed, and we will listen to and compare alternate arrangements and recordings. Folk, blues, pop, R&B, country, disco, punk, rap, and metal lyrics will all be analyzed and evaluated. We will remember the words!  



IBA 153.XT81 – Reg #. 70007              Cultural Values & Mores Depicted Through Dance & Music ~ 3 Cr

Tuesday                                                     6PM– 8:40PM                                          Instructor: R. Heydarbeygi

The values of a society are often described by the music and dance movements performed by its people, this course will develop awareness and understanding of the role of music, movement, and the symbolism performed by world cultures through their creative expression.



IBA 154.H01 – Reg #. 70010                Images of Self: Memoirs and Autobiographies ~ 3Cr

Saturday                                                     1PM–3:40PM                                          Instructor: S. Thompson 

Please note that this is a hybrid class. Coursework will be divided between on-campus class sessions and online work via Blackboard. The course will meet on the following Saturdays: Sept. 06, 13, &27, Oct. 11, Nov. 01 & 15, Dec. 06 & 13

This course is designed to support students in exploring concepts of self through the analysis of print and visual texts, as well as sharing meaningful experiences in their own lives through written expression. Coursework will be comprised of both informal and formal responses to visual and written representations of the self by writers, photographers, and painters, and exercises in memoir writing.



IBA 155.H01 – Reg #. 70026                Science Fiction, Fantasy and Video ~ 3Cr

Saturday                                                     9:15AM–11:55AM                                Instructor: S. Thompson

Please note that this is a hybrid class. Coursework will be divided between on-campus class sessions and online work via Blackboard. The course will meet on the following Saturdays: Sept. 06, 13, &27, Oct. 11, Nov. 01 & 15, Dec. 06 & 13

In this class we will study the immense power and scope of the human imagination through an exploration of varied "texts" including short fiction, live-action film, anime, and video games. Through a combination of independent readings, projects and collaborative endeavors, we will study works of speculative fiction and other forms of text that build upon it; investigating the elements of theme, narrative, point of view, setting and metaphor as we go. You don't have to already be an experienced sci-fi or fantasy reader to join us; neither do you need to know your way around an Xbox!



IBA 157.XW81 – Reg #. 70014          Media, Politics and Propaganda ~ 3Cr

Wednesday                                              6PM–8:40PM                                          Instructor:  J. Ferris

Introduction to the concept of media and how public opinion and politics can be shaped by propaganda. Analysis of the theories behind propaganda and media influence, the effects of political advertising, campaign rhetoric, and information control. Traditional modes of media including broadcasting, print and film, as well as Social Media’s potential impact.      



IBA 158.XH81 – Reg #. 70017            Principles of Biomedical Ethics ~ 3Cr

Thursday                                                    6PM-8:40PM                                              Instructor: N. Hannon

Recent scientific, technological, and social developments have produced rapid changes in medical care resulting in new ethical dilemmas for health professionals. This course will look at issues such as euthanasia, assisted suicide, informed consent, and gene therapy, and provide a framework for analyzing them.


IBA 159.XT81 – Reg #. 70019              Unchained Cinema: The Struggle of Human Rights on Film ~ 3Cr

Tuesday                                                      6PM–8:40PM                                          Instructor: J. Gaffney  

The films that we will be studying in the course present the struggles and hardships endured by those who rebel against the harsh implementation of abusive power through the world. Not all the people involved in these struggles are heroic, though some most certainly are. Questions concerning strategy, goals, character, morality, and justice will be addressed as the process of evaluation turns complex. The course will encompass politics, culture, and history as we examine the films under consideration.



IBA 160.XM81 – Reg #. 70024          Prior Learning Assessment: Portfolio Development ~ 3Cr

Monday                                                      6PM–8:40PM                                          Instructor: J. Gaffney

This course is designed to teach students the organization and structure needed to develop a formal portfolio of their alternative learning experiences in the workforce. Many adult students have done substantial learning through work experience. The ability to write a comprehensive and convincing document of these experiences is critical for positive evaluation and award of credits.

This is a three-credit course, in addition to the 1–15 credits which may be awarded for the life experience.



IBA 481 –                                              Independent Study/Fieldwork    (Open to ADP Students Only)

Adult Degree Program students who wish to enroll for independent research or fieldwork projects must pick up a proposal form at the ADP office, Carman Hall 128. Completed proposals signed by the full-time faculty supervisor and the department chair, must be submitted to the ADP office prior to registration; permission from ADP is required to register for the course. Be sure, when you set up the project with your supervisor that you arrange to meet on a regular basis to discuss your progress. You may register for up to nine (9) fieldwork credits in the Spring semester.





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