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Department of Anthropology

Faculty Vincent H. Stefan

Email Address:
Phone Number:718-960-7728
Office: Davis Hall, Rm. 411
Rank: Professor
Degrees and Sources of Degrees: B.A., University of Wyoming; M.S., Ph.D., University of New Mexico

Vincent H. Stefan, Ph.D.: University of New Mexico (2000)

Dr. Stefan's field of general interest is physical anthropology with specialization in human skeletal biology. His fields of study include human osteology and skeletal biology; forensic anthropology; paleoanthropology; quantitative methods; Rapa Nui (Easter Island) skeletal biology; Polynesian skeletal biology. Current research interests include the documentation and analysis of contemporary and prehistoric human skeletal variation. This interest in biological anthropology has led him to study fossil, prehistoric, and contemporary human remains, and to apply this knowledge of human variation in the analysis of prehistoric human remains, as well as to cases of medicolegal significance (forensic cases).

Dr. Stefan has used his knowledge of human variation, multivariate and population genetics statistical procedures to evaluate the origins and evolutionary prehistory of the Rapanui (Easter Islanders) and other Polynesians. Current projects include the continued analysis of the prehistoric Rapa Nui, Marquesans, and other Polynesian populations, incorporating both biological and ethnographic data. Future research will focus on the use of these same procedures to assess metric cranial/skeletal variation for understanding the peopling of all of Polynesia and Oceania.

Currently Professor Stefan regularly consults with the Nassau County Medical Examiner, East Meadow, NY, the Suffolk County Medical Examiner, Hauppauge, NY, and the Westchester County, Department of Laboratories & Research, Office of the Medical Examiner, Valhalla, NY in cases involving human skeletal remains. He is expert in the recovery of decomposed/ skeletonized human remains, and in the identification of victims from skeletal remains. Dr. Stefan regularly lectures to the Advanced Crime Scene Investigation Seminar, Westchester County Department of Laboratories and Research, Valhalla, NY in forensic anthropology. He is a Full Member of the American Association of Physical Anthropology and the American Academy of Forensic Sciences. He is member of DMORT Region II, National Disaster Medical System, USPHS and the Centre for International Forensic Assistance, Dept. of Forensic Medicine and Science, Glasgow, Scotland. Before his appointment at the Lehman College, Dr. Stefan was a graduate student in anthropology at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque and a forensic anthropology consultant to the Office of the Medical Investigator in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Also, in 1998 he served as a forensic anthropologist to the UN ICTY (International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia), Bosnia-Herzegovina, in the analysis of skeletal remains of individuals executed after the Serbian capture of Srebrenica, Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1995.