African and African-American Studies


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Evauna Neville (B.A. '10)
nevilleWhen Evauna Neville was deciding on where to go to college, Lehman was high on her list. For starters, it was close to her Yonkers home, affordable and, more importantly to Neville, accepted the fifteen International Baccalaureate credits she had accumulated in high school. That allowed her to take courses in a number of different areas before deciding on a major. "It gave me the flexibility to try out different majors without putting me behind schedule," she says.
Neville ultimately decided on a major in African and African American studies. "I was interested in learning more about my culture and history," she says. (read more)

Cornel Marlon McCalla, Jr. (B.A. '10)
mcallaCornel Marlon McCalla, Jr. values only one thing more than his education: his family. When he was debating where to go to college, McCalla wanted a school close to his Bronx home. "I did not want to be away from my family for very long periods of time and also away from my beautiful son," he says, noting that the commute to Lehman is only thirty minutes each way. Born in Jamaica, McCalla chose to study African-American studies to connect with his heritage. (read more)


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