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Department of African and African-American Studies at Lehman College

Faculty Spotlight

Mary Phillips

Assistant Professor of Africana Studies was selected as an 2018-2019 award recipient for the prestigious and highly competitive American Association of University Women (AAUW) American Postdoctoral Research Leave

Mary PhillipsShe will be working on her forthcoming book , A Spirit on a Sword: The Prison Rebellions of Panther Ericka Huggins offers a scholarly analysis of former Black Panther Party member, Ericka Huggins during her incarceration in the early 1970s. A high-ranking yet understudied figure in the Black Panther Party, Huggins resistance and agitation efforts in captivity included community-building initiatives, forms of cultural labor, and modes of self-care. Employing an interdisciplinary black feminist methodology, her work incorporates the perspective of Huggins' by drawing on extensive interviews, archival evidence and rare documents such as her writings, court and prison records, poetry, newspaper articles, photographs, newsletters, and FBI documents on her legacy.

Dr. Gary Ford

Gary FordDr. LeRonn Brooks & Dr. Gary Ford joined the Department of Africana StudiesĀ as Assistant Professors in the Fall of 2016.

They bring to the department a rich academic combination of Africana Art and Literature, among other things, imbided with historical and cultural trajectories that will benefit our students in the coming years. We are pleased and fortunate to have them both on board.

Dr. LeRonn Brooks

LeRonn BrooksDr. Brooks teaches courses in Africana Art and Media representations, along with introducotry classes in Africana Studies; and Dr. Ford teaches courses that focus on Afrofuturism and African American women writers. Both have an interdisciplinary approach to their research and teaching interests that speak to the global comprehension of Africana peoples.