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Art Department


Dear Art Department Students,

Below you will find multiple helpful advising resources:

The Art Department has developed curriculum maps for all areas of specialization. Students can use these to make decisions about what courses they need to take.

Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Fine Arts Bachelor of Science
Ceramics Ceramics Computer Graphics and Imaging
Design Design  
Drawing Drawing  
Painting Painting  
Photography Photography  
Printmaking Printmaking  
Sculpture Sculpture  
Computer Imaging Computer Imaging  


Take a look at the Art Department's Spring 2021 Schedule by clicking on the links below:

This schedule includes all of the online synchronous and hybrid sections. Synchronous online courses have a set meeting time each week, while hybrid sections have set times to come on campus. You can read this schedule from left to right, with hours starting at 9:00AM with a division line every half-hour.

This schedule includes all of the online asynchronous sections. Asynchronous online courses do not have a set meeting time each week.

The CDAD advising hours are below. Click on the corresponding link to access each instructor's advising form.

Name Days/Time Link
Prof. Melissa Brown January 26 – Tuesday 
12:00 PM - 3:15 PM
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Prof. Herbert Broderick   Sign Up
Prof. Gina Dominique Hersey   Sign Up
Prof. Jonathan Ehrenberg   Sign Up
Prof. Sean McCarthy   Sign Up
Prof. Dannielle Tegeder
(Graduate Advising ONLY)
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Prof. David Schwittek January 27 – Wednesday
10:00 AM – 1:00 PM   
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Prof. Janet Skolnik   Sign Up
Prof. Terry Towery To Be Arranaged  

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