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for English Majors, English Minors, Professional Communications Minors, and English Graduate Studies

Students seeking advisement for ENG 111 or 121 should go to the First-Year Initiative office (CA-339).

UNDERGRADUATE PERMISSIONSenglish.advising@lehman.cuny.edu

Most of our ENG/ENW 100/200-level courses meet General Education and/or Writing Intensive requirements.  Several of our courses - ENW 300, ENW 365, ENW 3070 - meet requirements of the Business, Education, Health/Science, or Sociology Departments. It's also easy to build an English Minor with one 200-level + three 300-level courses. 

For English courses, log into CUNYfirst and search for courses in English literature (ENG) and English writing (ENW).

English Advisement- Majors, Minors, & Graduate Students
Spring 2017 English Advisement Schedule

Late Registration Undergraduate Advising Schedule:

Monday January 30th
11 AM - 12 PM WALIA CA-397
11 AM - 2 PM O'BOY CA-391
3:30 - 5:30 PM CLELAND CA- 396
3:15- 4:45 PETERS CA-396

Tuesday January 31st
12 PM - 3 PM WALIA CA-397

Wednesday February 1st
1:30 - 3:30 PM AMEND CA- 391
3:15 PM-4:45 PM PETERS CA- 396
4:00- 5:30 MANEY CA- 399
5 PM- 6 PM AHMED CA- 398

Thursday February 2nd
4:45-5:45 AMEND CA-391

If there is a campus closure due to inclement weather, please email re: advisement questions/permissions.
When meeting with an advisor, be sure to have your EMPLID and major/minor worksheet[s].


For English Honors Advisement, contact Professor Olivia Moy: olivia.moy@lehman.cuny.edu

For Graduate Advisement, contact Professor Grace Bullaro or Professor Joseph McElligott: englishgrad.advising@lehman.cuny.edu

Lehman College English Department:

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Remember!  Permission is not advising!

You must meet with an advisor to discuss Transcript Review, Declaration of Majors or Minors, Transfer Credit Evaluation, Program Planning and Major Worksheets, Graduation Audits in Shuster 280, Signatures, and General Advising Needs.

Be prepared!  

Have your EMPLID ready.  If you are seeking transcript evaluation, have course descriptions on hand.


Prior to the start of classes each term, waitlisted students are added to courses in order as seats become available.  Once classes begin, waitlists end and students may register only for courses with available seats.  Keep your eye open for emerging seats on CUNYfirst during Late Registration! 

The English Department does not do overtallies.

UNDERGRADUATE ADVISEMENT & PERMISSIONSenglish.advising@lehman.cuny.edu

ENGLISH HONORS PROGRAM ADVISEMENT & PERMISSIONS:  olivia.moy@lehman.cuny.edu or paula.loscocco@lehman.cuny.edu

GRADUATE ADVISEMENT & PERMISSIONS:  englishgraduate.advising@lehman.cuny.edu

Director of First-Year Initiative and Composition: steven.wyckoff@lehman.cuny.edu, CA-340, x8720

Assistant Director of FYI Zenaida Bough: zenaida.bough@lehman.cuny.edu, CA-339, x1193

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