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The Departmant of English welcomes questions from prospective students, as well as current majors and minors.

Department of English
302 Carman Hall
250 Bedford Park Blvd. West
Bronx, New York 10468-1589

Department (general e-mail inquiries): english.department@lehman.cuny.edu

Permissions, advisement, and advisor appointments: english.advising@lehman.cuny.edu

Chair: Paula Loscoco
Room: CA-302B
Phone: 718-960-7801
E-mail: paula.loscocco@lehman.cuny.edu

Assistant Chair: Deirdre O'Boy
Room: CA-391
Phone: 718-960-8370
E-mail: deirdre.oboy@lehman.cuny.edu

Graduate Studies Director: Grace Russo Bullaro
Room: CA-390
Phone: 718-960-8362
E-mail: grace.bullaro@lehman.cuny.edu

English Honors Program (EHP) Director: Olivia Moy
Room: CA-392
Phone: 718-960-8550
E-mail: olivia.moy@lehman.cuny.edu

Undergraduate Advising Coordinator: Dhipinder Walia
Room: CA-397
Phone: 718-960-8529
E-mail: english.advising@lehman.cuny.edu

CUNY Office Assistant: Anyelina Fermin
Room: CA-302C
Phone: 718-960-8556 or 8276
E-mail: anyelina.fermin1@lehman.cuny.edu

College Assistant: Michelle Duarte
Room: CA-188
Phone: 718-960-6722
E-mail: michelle.duarte@lehman.cuny.edu

English Composition / First Year Initiative (FYI) Office

Director of English Composition / FYI: Steve Wyckoff
Room: CA-341
Phone: 718 960-8720
E-mail: steven.wyckoff@lehman.cuny.edu

CUNY Office Assistant for English Composition / FYI: Marjorie Vega
Room: CA-337
Phone: 718-960-8720
E-mail: marjorie.vega@lehman.cuny.edu

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