English Department


English Department Prizes and Awards Ceremony

April 28, 2010 at 12 noon, Lehman Art Gallery



Bertnard L. Einbond Memorial Prize for Prose Fiction

Terri Roberts

Honorable Mention: Conor Anderson

Grace C. Croff Memorial Prize for Poetry

Ben Jorisch

Honorable mention: Kissie Spencer

The Jacob Hammer Memorial Prize for Best Play

Conor Anderson

Alice Minnie Hertz Heniger Prize for Children’s Literature

Stephanie DeLaurentis

The Claire Giegrich Memorial Prize for Best Essay on Any Subject

Natalia Rivera

The Paul Agosta Prize for Best Journalistic Piece

Terri Roberts

Terry De Antonio Memorial Prize for Criticism of the Arts

Aprile Bufano

William C. Hess for Best Essay on American or English Literature

Graduate: Molly R. Munn

Undergraduate: Aprile Bufano

Melville Prize for Best Critical Essay on American or English Literature

Alexis Torres


The Rose and John Hutton Award

Shabana Yusuf

The Gordon Lea Scholarship Award

Alisia Cordero

Aaron Hochberg Family Award

Nabil Raham

The Blanche Lewy Joseph Memorial Prize

Michele Sanchez

The Leo and Roslyn Gilbert Memorial Prize

Debra McArdle

The Martha Binyon Cahn Scholarship

Miriana Perez

The Marjorie Anderson Scholarship

Faviola Soto

The Ruth Kolbe Mischkind Scholarship

Jordana Lopez


Honors Candidate

Michele Sanchez


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