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The English Honors Program offers the Department's most talented, disciplined, and hard-working students an opportunity to push their own critical and creative boundaries. EHP students in literature, creative writing, professional writing, and education have privileged access to the English Honors Room (Carman 384),
participate in a variety of academic and cultural events on and off the Lehman campus, take advantage of exclusive EHP advisement, work individually with a faculty member on an English Honors Project in the fall term prior to their graduation, and collaborate in a colloquium and a senior mini-conference. Students who have met EHP requirements graduate from Lehman College as English Honors majors.




Any interested student who has taken at least two 300/400-level English courses and has a college GPA of 3.2+ and an English GPA of 3.5+ should contact the EHP director at paula.loscocco@lehman.cuny.edu. Upon admission to the EHP, students must (re)declare themselves as English Honors majors in Literature, Creative Writing, Professional Writing, or Education. They must also maintain both their College and English GPAs.

English Honors Room

Carman 384 has been renovated to include tables, chairs, whiteboards, a printer, and access to the Department's new laptops and e-readers. EHP students have exclusive access to the Honors Room and its equipment.


Students meet with the EHP director several times during the year. All students attend an EHP pre-registration meeting at the end of each semester, just prior to registration, for curricular news, advisement, and socializing. After the pre-registration meeting, each EHP student meets individually with the EHP director to go over his or her schedule—see below. In addition to meetings, students also receive regular email notifications about upcoming meetings and presentations concerning peer-tutoring, writing contests, student publications, internships on and off campus, graduate school, fellowships, etc.


The EHP director is responsible for providing English-major advisement for all EHP students, and does all ENG/ENW literature and writing permissions (and directs students to Professor McElligott for HUM humanities permissions). Incoming students fill out an EHP Entry Form, describing their academic history and plans at Lehman College, which the director keeps on file. In addition, all students maintain an English Honors Worksheet for their particular specialization, which helps them and the director chart the courses they need as they make their way through the English Honors major. Students must meet individually with the director during registration, but are free to consult with her at any time. The English Chair, Professor Blanco, along with the regular English advisors, Professors McElligott and O'Boy, are also available to help, though students need permission from both the EHP director and the English Chair to register for ENG/ENW 481/482 or any other honors-level course. Updates about upcoming courses of particular interest to EHP students are highlighted in the November and April EHP pre-registration meetings.

English Honors Project—Tutorial and Colloquium (ENG/ENW 481/482)

EHP seniors take ENG/ENW 481/482 in the Fall Term prior to their year of graduation. (If a senior plans to graduate in 2014, for example, he or she will take ENG/ENW 481/482 in Fall 2013.)

  • English Honors majors should be enrolled in the English Honors Program by the Spring Term prior to the Fall Term in which they plan to take ENG/ENW 481 and 482.
  • ENG 481 or ENW 481: Honors Tutorial (3 credits). In the spring, with the help of the EHP director, rising seniors find a mentor and decide on a project; fill out a tutorial permission form and get the permission/signature of their mentor, the EHP Director, and the English Chair; wait until the Department notifies them that their application for the tutorial has been approved; and then register online. Once registration is complete (and before the end of Spring classes), students meet with their mentors to develop a summer reading list for their Senior Project (due no later than Spring Graduation).
  • The ENG 481 or ENW 481 tutorial replaces an elective for all Honors English majors: see the Honors Major worksheet for your specialization for details. EHP students take only one credit (ENG/ENW 482) more than regular English majors.
  • ENG/ENW 482: Honors Colloquium (1 credit). In the fall, senior honors students attend weekly individual tutorial meetings (ENG or ENW 481) with their mentors as they research, draft, revise, and edit their English Honors Project. In the fall, students also attend a weekly or biweekly colloquium (ENG/ENW 482) led by the EHP director. The colloquium enables students to stay on top of their project-calendar, share work-in-progress and provide peer-feedback in return, and attend presentations on graduate schools, writing contests, and scholarships.
  • For a detailed breakdown of the 481/482 process, please download the PDF here.
  • To access the EHP Summer Contract, please click here.

ENG/ENW 481/482 involves real effort, but it is also a rewarding and enjoyable experience that allows students to achieve their personal best as they complete their work as English honors majors. Graduates of 481/482 are always on hand—in CA 384, at the pre-registration meetings, or by email—to talk about the challenges and triumphs of doing a senior project.

Honors electives

Honors students are expected to take electives that allow them to develop the skills of their particular specialization (and to prepare them for their senior projects). Literature Honors students are required to take ENG 463 (Literary Theory and Criticism) as one of their English-major electives. Creative Writing and Professional Writing students are required to take HUM 470 (Internship) with Obscura, Meridian, or some other appropriate publication as one of their English-major electives. Ideally but not necessarily, Honors electives are taken in the academic year prior to the ENG/ENW 481/482 tutorial/colloquium.


An EHP student’s final honors status is a function of three things:

  • His or her ENG/ENW 481/482 grades
  • Faculty readers’ reports on the English Honors Senior Project
  • The student’s final English GPA.

Lehman College requires all Honors graduates to have a final 3.2+ College GPA and a final 3.5+ GPA in their chosen majors. Graduating students receiving English Honors will be recognized in May (at the EHP Senior Presentations and the English Awards Ceremony) and in May/June (at the Lehman College graduation exercises).

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