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Lehman College's Department of English offers undergraduates a major with four distinct areas of specialization: Literature, Creative Writing, Professional Writing, and Early Childhood Education. In addition, the Department provides a parallel set of choices for a minor as well as many courses every semester for those students seeking a pleasurable introduction to literature written in English and for those wishing to fulfill distribution requirements. There are, in addition, two graduate programs, both containing concentrations in Literature or Composition Studies, leading to an M.A. in English. Whatever your preferences, Departmental advisers are available to help students choose the program most appropriate for them.

The major in English with specialization in literature requires students to complete 40 credit hours of work, 15 of them electives, which provide ample opportunity to study recognized authors and topics from both traditional and innovative perspectives. One can read Shakespeare, modern drama, the twentieth-century novel and explore such matters as "Shakespeare's Women," "The Problem of Evil," The role of children in fiction, and how multi-ethnic literature changes the way writers and readers see the world.

The major in English with specialization in creative writing requires students to complete 43 credits of work with an emphasis on the development, through seminars and individual tutorials, of the ability to write poetry, short stories, plays, and /or translations.

The specialization in profession writing emphasizes what skills are needed in the world of work, in journalism, book publishing, and Internet media.

Writing Requirements

All students, including transfer students, must take and pass ENG 110 and 120 (Principles of Effective Writing I and II), unless exempted. Entry into ENG 110 and 120 is based on placement determined by the English Department.

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