My so-called blog

From Fall 2012 through Spring 2013 I more or less regularly posted music-related essays on Lehman's short-lived blog. I traveled a lot those years, so many of these are about music I discovered in far-off lands. Some of my posts have disappeared, but others are either lurking in a Lehman netherworld, or were re-posted on a Brooklyn blog called Ply:

Bohemian Rhapsody (music from the Czech Republic)

Great Danes (music from Denmark)

Pleased as Puffins (music from Iceland)

Chinese Rocks, Part 2: Shanghai (Chinese Rocks Part 1 has gone missing).

This Whole Funky World is a Ghetto (Music of color, from Bobby Patterson through Keny Arkana)

Three Chords, Fifty Years  (posted to commemorate the 50th anniversary of "Louie Louie")

Lives of the Saints (about St. Thomas, a one-man band from Norway)