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History Department at Lehman College

Faculty Publications - Our Books


Faculty in the Department of History are active scholars in a variety of fields, including the history of medicine, politics, ideas, and the economy.  Click on the cover for more information about each book!

Timothy Alborn (2019)

Amanda Wunder (2017)

Robyn Spencer (2016)

William Wooldridge (2016)

Duane Tananbaum (2016)

Cindy Lobel (2014)

José Luis Renique (2010)

Joseph Dauben (2017)

Timothy Alborn (2009)

Dina Legall (2005)

Andrew Roberston (2004)

José Luis Renique (2004)

Timothy Alborn (1998)

Marie Marianetti (1997)

Martin Burke (1995)

Andrew Robertson (1995)

Joseph Dauben (1995)

Evelyn Ackerman (1990)

Duane Tanabaum (1985)

Joseph Dauben (1979)