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We welcome all to participate in our Irish language courses as undergraduate students, Encore students (60 years and older), or Friends of CUNY-IIAS (adult education). We encourage students to take elementary level courses in the hybrid format, 50% of class time face-to-face and 50% on-line. Intermediate level courses are also offered in this format. Advanced level literature courses are offered 100% on-line. All levels can be taken 100% on-line for students with special needs. Skype on-line video conferencing is used in addition to the Blackboard software in these cases. We are fortunate to have a visiting Fulbright FLTA for the past four years teaching many of our courses. Presently, Siobhán Ní Mhaolagáin from University College Dublin and Prof. Thomas Ihde are teaching in the program. Máire Ní Neachtain from An Spidéal, Úna Ní Fhátharta from the Aran Islands, and Prof. John Gillen from Hostos Community College are collaborating in curriculum development. Please see our Minor page and our textbook page.

Irish Language Courses, Spring 2013

Spring 2013

Below is a listing of all classrooms. Classes begin January 28th.

IRI101-A01 (17773) - On-line
IRI101-H81 (17777) - Kiely 419 (QC)
IRI101-I401 (17775) - Carman 257 (LC)

IRI102-A01 (18222) - On-line
IRI102-C401 (18223) - Carman 257 (LC)
IRI104-H81 (18224) - Kiely 419 (QC)
IRI104-01 (1749) - Hayden 208 (MC)

IRI105-A01 (18225) - On-line
IRI105-H81 (18226) - Carman 257 (LC)

IRI201-XT81 (18227) - Carman Hall (LC) - Smart Room Requested
IRST390-01 (14320) - Kiely 419 (QC)

IRI357-XM81 (18230) - Grad Ctr - Seminar Room Requested

Irish Literature and Arts Courses, Spring 2013

LEH 300

Irish Theatre and Music from 1950
Section C301 [23712]
Lehman College Tuesday/Thursday 11:00-12:15

ENG 350

Senior Seminar: 20th Century Irish Literature
Section YM01 [20098]
Lehman College Friday 12:00-2:40

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