Journalism, Communication and Theatre

Dance BA Goals and Objectives

B.A. in Dance Program

Program Goal

Graduates will demonstrate the ability to work as versatile, self-directed performing artists.

Learning Goals

1.Students will think critically about dance from historical, global and diverse perspectives

Outcome Statements

1.1 Students will analyze dance in its historical and global context through written work and presentations.

2. Students will demonstrate skill in physical technique.

Outcome Statements

2.1 Students will perform ballet combinations and exercises proficiently.

2.2 Students will perform modern combinations and exercises proficiently.

2.3 Students will perform world and jazz dance combinations and exercises


3. Students will create and perform choreography

Outcome Statements

3.1 Students will create original choreographic works.

4. Students will develop the capacity to present choreographic works in a public context

Outcome Statements

4.1 Students will present a piece in the Spring Dance Concert.

5. Students will prepare to enter the dance field with an understanding of its particular working methods.

Outcome Statements

5.1 Students will produce examples of professional writing.





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