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Juan Caraballo

Juan Caraballo While at Lehman College, Juan Caraballo interned for BronxNet public access station. The internship turned into a full time job where he developed his skills in different areas of TV production including, shooting, editing, producing and even a little bit of reporting.

His favorite hobby is to produce Hip-Hop music and he has produced several projects for BronxNet. He worked with Cynthia Rios, also a Lehman alumn, to create a theme song for the TV show 'Perspectives.' He also directed a short music video which ran as a PSA on BronxNet. It was produced by Cool Journey Studios and encouraged Bronx residents to vote during the 2008 presidential election. He currently works in Production Operations at ESPN and has been there since July of 2009.

“I'm grateful that God allowed me to work at one of the most prestigious television networks in the world. I look forward to see what other doors God will open up.”

Natasha Burgos, '07

Natasha Burgos graduated from Lehman College in May 2007 with her B.A. in Theatre. She began her career as an intern for Martian Entertainment. After working at Martian for a year, she was hired by Plum Benefits, a discount entertainment service. She began there as a Customer Service Representative and was recently promoted to Business Development Coordinator.

“I am loving the opportunity to mix theatre and sales. Helping people has always been my passion and now I get to do that for a living. Thanks to Lehman College for giving me a knowledge of theatre and the chance to work with so many wonderful people.”

Maurice "Moe" Dean

Maurice DeanMaurice "Moe" Dean is an alumnus of Lehman College with a Bachelor's degree in Theatre. An aspiring basketball player and former martial artist, Maurice stumbled into hip hop dance. In 2004, while stage managing a show called "Movement Revolution" featuring the work of Kraven Seneca Dance Company at Lehman College, Maurice asked to audition a piece to be entered in the show. Having no background in hip hop dance prior, aside from learning how to wave incidentally while mocking a friend, he with a few friends, created a piece and a group called Hip Hop 101. Long story short, the piece was well received and Maurice was asked to choreograph a show shortly after featuring his work. That show was called “Hip Hop Theory: The Evolution of Hip Hop Dance.” Maurice's vision of hip hop dance has always been unique, incorporating elements of theatre in many of his pieces. With his unique style of rhythmic attenuation he attempts to capture the soul of the accompaniment and express it's emotional content with each movement.

The founder of Hip Hop Theory Dance Company and The Each One Teach One Dance Workshop Series, he works to teach and unite the hip hop community while inspiring change in the current standings of hip hop dance and the industry. He is a student at the Hip Hop Dance Conservatory, the only conservatory for Hip Hop Dance in the country and a member of the Hip Hop Dance Conservatory Repertory.

"Hip Hop dancers must have a strong foundation; without a strong comprehension of the craft, the art form begins to degrade and its key components, history and authenticity are lost. Be a part of the revolution in movement and help further hip hop dance securing that what we love will live on for others to share after we are gone."

Juan Ramirez, '08

The Safety of StrangersIn December of 2010, Juan Ramirez's (Lehman '08) original work "The Safety Of Strangers" premiered at Theater Row in New York City. The evening of three one-acts starred Lehman College Theater Alumni Christy Reynoso ('08), Angel Dillemuth (Lehman CUNY '07, PACE MFA'10), Daniel Jackson ('0?), Henry Ovalles ('06?) and Playwright/Actor Juan Pamirez ('08). Produced in association with Lehman Stages, the PLAYPEN's first professional production was Directed by Bridget Leak (PACE MFA '10) and Lehman College Adjunct Lecturer and Playwright Stephanie Stowe.





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