Journalism, Communication and Theatre




Program Goal

Graduates will demonstrate the ability to work as versatile, self-directed performing artists for stage, film, tv and new media.

Learning Goals

1. Students will demonstrate critical thinking about multimedia, dance, and/or theatre production from historical, global, and diverse perspectives.

Outcome Statements

1.1 Students will analyze in writing and in a visual presentation the development of cinema, television, dance, and theatre in human societies and cultures

1.2 Students will analyze in writing scripts from different periods, genres and styles for multimedia production.

1.3 Students will analyze in writing live performance.

2. Students will demonstrate the ability to utilize production equipment effectively for multimedia performance.

Outcome Statements

2.1 Students will operate basic equipment for audiovisual production.

2.2 Students will record and edit multimedia projects with Final Cut Pro.

3. Students will demonstrate the ability to perform on stage and on multimedia platforms.

Outcome Statements

3.1 Students will project themselves believably in word and action into

imaginary circumstances, evoked by improvisation, text, or set material.

3.2 Students will engage effectively in improvisations both by oneself

and in an ensemble.

3.3 Students will use the voice effectively as an instrument for characterization

together with the ability to project the voice effectively in theatre spaces of varying size and in media productions.

3.4 Students will use the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) and scansion

appropriately to perform foreign dialects and to perform convincingly in

verse plays.

3.5 Students will use the body effectively as an instrument for characterization.

3.6 Students will employ a developed technique for analyzing the specific tasks

required in performing in different genres, styles, and media.

4. Students will demonstrate the ability to produce and present multimedia and theatrical work in a public context

Outcome Statements

4.1 Students will analyze and evaluate various models of performing arts


4.2 Students will perform essential tasks in producing, including

marketing, box office and house management on a theatrical


4.3 Students will create and perform a multimedia performance showcase.











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