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Department of Languages and Literatures at Lehman College

Faculty - Amin Erfani


Amin ErfaniE-mail Address:
Phone Number: 718-960-8274
Office: Carman Hall, Room 275
Rank: Assistant Professor
Degrees and Sources of Degrees: Ph.D., Emory University

Amin Erfani received his BA in French and Comparative Literature followed by a Masters in French from Stony Brook University (SUNY). He subsequently received a PhD in French with certificates in Comparative Literature and Psychoanalytic Studies from Emory University. He joined the Languages and Literatures Department at Lehman College in 2013. He has previously offered courses ranging from elementary to advanced French language; French and Francophone literature; special topics on theater; 20th and 21st century French film and novel; interdisciplinary studies on modern France and the Francophone world; Comparative Literature in Antique and Medieval World literature. His scholarly publications and conferences focus on avant-garde European theater, new media, critical theory, and psychoanalytic studies, as well as French 19th and 20th century poetry. In addition, his own literary work in French and English have appeared in journals and magazines on both sides of the Atlantic, granting him a literary award for innovative writing by Unsaid Literary Magazine. He has collaborated, within and beyond university walls, with cultural organizations and French and American theaters. In that context, he has initiated a series of stage productions combining his own theatrical work with contemporary French plays in his original English translations, notably of works by Bernard-Marie Koltès and Valère Novarina.


Published Translation:

  • An Incomprehensible Mother Tongue. Valère Novarina. Trans. Amin Erfani. Martin E. Segal Theater Center Publications. New York, May 2015.

  • “The Night Just Before the Forests.” By Bernard-Marie Koltès. Trans. Amin Erfani. In Bernard-Marie Koltès : De l'oeuvre au style en passant par le registre. Ed. André Petitjean. Editions Universitaires de Dijon, June 4, 2014, pp. 271-288.

Academic Publications:

Academic Journals:

  • “La Chose musicale de Francis Ponge : vers une résonance pré-textuelle.” Ed. Scott Shinabargar. In La Revue des Sciences Humaines, n°314, avril-juin 2014.

  • “Charles Baudelaire et le Théâtre du Mal.” In Revue Littérature, no157. Ed. Martin Mégevand, Paris: Editions Armand Colin, pp. 51-65, April 2010.

  • “Le Texte errant: La Textualité incarnée dans L’Enfant de sable.” In Nouvelles Etudes Francophones, Vol. 21, No.1, pp.79-95, Spring 2006.

Chapters in Books:

“Traduire l'étrangeté de la langue chez Koltès: The Night Just Before the Forests.” In Bernard-Marie Koltès : De l'oeuvre au style en passant par le registre. Ed. André Petitjean.Editions Universitaires de Dijon, June 4, 2014, pp. 265-270.

“La Parole est une affaire d’essoufflement.” In Dans la solitude de Bernard-Marie Koltès. Ed. Christophe Bident, Arnaud Maïsetti et Sylvie Patron. Revue Textuel. Éditions Hermann, Paris, Fvrier 15, 2014, pp. 51-56

“Le Souffle de Bernard-Marie Koltès: les inventions de l’autre dans la Nuit juste avant les forêts.” In Koltès maintenant et autres métamorphoses. Eds. Yannick Butel, Christophe Bident, Christophe Triau, Arnaud Maisetti. Paris, Peter Lang, coll. Liminaires - Passages interculturels italo-ibériques, vol. 18, 2010, pp. 145-160.

Amin Erfani’s literary works appear in Unsaid Literary Magazine, Cutting through the Fat, Timber Literary Journal, Tiers Livre: Magazine de fiction et de littérature, Revue de littérature contemporaine; his collection of dramatic monologues is published in a book format by the collective ThTr