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Lehman College

Department of Philosophy

Jessica Gordon-Roth

Jessica Gordon-Roth is an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Lehman College. Her field of interest is the history of early modern philosophy, especially Locke. Currently her research is focused on the ways in which different conceptions of "substance" and "mode" inform the early modern debate over personal identity. Before coming to Lehman College she was a Visiting Professor of Philosophy at Washington & Lee University.


Recent Publications

  • "Including Early Modern Women Writers in Survey Courses: A Call to Action", Metaphilosophy 46 ( 2015) (with Nancy Kendrik)
  • "Locke's Place-Time-Kind Principle", Philosophy Compass 10 (2015).
  • “Locke on the Ontology of Persons,” The Southern Journal of Philosophy 53 (2015)
  • “Catharine Trotter Cockburn's Defense of Locke”, The Monist 98 (2015)