Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences


Martin R. Gitterman


Professor Emeritus, Lehman College and The Graduate Center, CUNY

Administrative Experience

Chair, Department of Speech and Theatre, Lehman College, July 1994-June 2000

Executive Officer, Ph.D. Program in Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences (formerly Speech and Hearing Sciences), The Graduate Center, CUNY, July 2003-June 2009

Director, Program in Linguistics, Lehman College, March 2001-June 2003

Ombuds Officer (Visiting Professor), The Graduate Center, CUNY, September 2010-

Selected Professional Activities

Consulting Editor, National Social Science Journal (1990-1995)

National Board Member, National Social Science Association (1990-1995)

Local Assistant Co-Chair, TESOL ’91 Convention

TESOL ’92 Convention Proposal Reader

Reviewer, Brain and Language submission (2004)

Reviewer, Experimental Stroke and Translational Medicine submission (2010)

Editorial Board Member, Language, Society and Culture (2006- )

Invited Examiner, Ph.D. Thesis, University of Tasmania, Australia (2009)

Invited Member, Editorial Advisory Board for in prep. book (Le and Le, eds.)- Technologies for Enhancing Pedagogy, Engagement, and Empowerment in Education (2010)

Selected Publications


Byrd, D., N. Bailey and M. Gitterman, (Eds.). 2000. Landmarks of American Language and Linguistics, Volume 2. Washington, D.C.: United States Department of State.

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Jones, J., L. Obler, M. Gitterman, and R. Goldfarb. 2002. The interface of phonology and morphology in agrammatism: Negation in African American vernacular English. Brain and Language 83: 164-166. (abstract for Academy of Aphasia poster session)


Gitterman, M. and S. Krashen. 1975. Some implications of current first language acquisition research for second language learning and language training: A review of: Brown, Roger: A First Language: The Early Stages. Kritikon Litterarum 4: 238-243.

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Gitterman, M. 2007. A review of: Long, M.: 2007. Problems in SLA. Language, Society and Culture (20).

Gitterman, M. 2008. A review of: Baker, C. A Parents’ and Teachers’ Guide to Bilingualism (3rd Edition). Language, Society and Culture (24): 84-85.

Conference Presentations

  • Frequent conference presenter (including presentations at state, national and international conferences)

  • Keynote speaker at the Puerto Rico TESOL Eastern Chapter Annual Conference, August 9, 2008 (Title of Presentation- Pronunciation and English Language Learning: Instruction and Assessment)

Service on Dissertation Committees

  • Served as a member on 13 dissertation committees of students who have completed the Ph.D. degree during the period 1996-2010.

Selected Courses Taught: Lehman College

  • Fundamentals of Oral Communication (Undergraduate)
  • Articulatory Phonetics (Undergraduate)
  • Introduction to Linguistics (Undergraduate)
  • Bilingualism (Undergraduate)
  • Psychology of Speech and Language (Undergraduate)
  • Psychology of Speech (Graduate)
  • Studies in the Regional and Social Dialects of American English (Graduate)
  • Language and Linguistics (Graduate)

Courses Taught: The Graduate Center

  • Studies in the Neurolinguistics of Bilingualism (Graduate)
  • College Teaching (Graduate)
  • Seminar in Educational/Urban Linguistics (Graduate)
  • Studies in Bilingualism (Graduate)
  • Sociolinguistics (Graduate)
  • Topics in Applied Linguistics (Graduate)
  • Dissertation Seminar (Graduate); chaired the seminar as Executive Officer

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