Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences


Speech Science Laboratories (Speech Building, Room 141)

Speech Sound Discrimination and Hearing

Research in Sandra Levey's laboratory has focused on bilingual Spanish/English-speaking adults and children's discrimination of English vowel contrasts in novel words, and the reading abilities in children. Discrimination was the focus of study because this factor is the basis of phonological awareness, the basic factor in reading development. Over 200 subjects participated in this study. The current study has examined the sound levels of personal listening devices (PLDs), such as iPods. Over 300 subjects have participated in this study. All were given information about the risks associated with listening at a high level as this can affect their communication.

Acoustics and Physiology of Speech and Voice

Dr. Stephen Cavallo's research laboratory is equipped with instrumentation for the acoustic analysis of speech and voice. Acoustic analyses are conducted live or from digitally recorded samples. Physiologic instrumentation is available for the measurement of variables such as airflow, dynamic air pressure, air volume, and chest wall kinematics. The lab received funding from a Graduate Research Technology Initiative (GRTI-8) grant.

A pilot study is currently underway evaluating the effects of different face mask types (circumferentially-vented vs. anesthesia mask coupled to a pnemotachograph) on ventilatory behavior. Results of this pilot project will guide the selection of instrumentation for an upcoming project to develop a routine clinical method for measuring lung volume expenditure during reading and conversational speech. Future clinical research in the lab will examine the clinical utility of acoustic and physiologic measures of phonatory ability.

Last modified: Oct 25, 2011

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