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 Membership Requirements


To Join, you must


1. Be a Biology major.

2. Have a 3.3 GPA in the major.

3. Agree to attend Tri-Beta meetings regularly.

4. Taken 3 or more Biology courses at Lehman.

5. Have at least one year to graduation.



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Why Join A Biology Honor Society?

The honor society is dedicated to improving the understanding of biological studies through scientific research and has many benefits:

  • An honor to list on your resume.
  • An opportunity to publish undergraduate research in the BIOS journal.
  • An opportunity to apply for research scholarships and grants.
  • An opportunity to apply for awards based on excellence in research.
  • Be part of a national organization with biology students.
  • Become an officer and gain leadership skills.
  • Receive a subscription to BIOS journal.
  • Be officially inducted into an honor society.
  • Receive a graduation honor cord and a membership certificate.
  • Participate in events sponsored by the Tri-Beta Lehman chapter.
  • Participate in meetings to discuss current research topics.
  • Serve as student research ambassadors for the campus.







Current Officers


President - Nikita Shetty

Co-President - Confidence Njokuaustin

Social Organizer - Emily Mora

Historian - Janneth Garcia

Secretary - Open

Treasurer - Open


Adviser - Maryam Bamshad