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Cancer represents a significant worldwide public health problem. The development of new anti-cancer therapeutic agents and strategies for cancer treatment and diagnosis to combat this terrible disease is therefore of paramount importance. The next generation of cancer therapies is aimed to specifically targeting cancer cells. One such approach is known as gene therapy, and involves inserting genes into individual cells to manipulate or selectively destroy cancer cells. In order to develop an effective gene therapy to treat cancer, more needs to be known about the individual molecules that inhibit tumor growth. In my lab we aim to discover the precise molecular mechanisms by which cancer-therapeutic agents selectively kill cancer cells. Importantly the molecules we study are also involved in immunomodulatory and antiangiogenic processes, properties that can also be harnessed to fight cancer. This type of approaches is essential to producing cutting-edge therapies that are safer and more effective than current cancer treatments.



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Last modified: Mar 26, 2012

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