StaffNancy Griffeth

Workshop Director
Nancy Griffeth
Professor of Computer Science

I have been teaching at Lehman College and the CUNY Graduate Center for 10 years, since 2003.  My research specialty when I arrived was Computer Networks and I still teach Computer Networks as often as I can.  I am now collaborating with Prof. Stephen Redenti, a biologist at Lehman, on a computational biology project to simulate migrating cells. We have recently introduced computational biology courses and a new minor in Quantitative and Systems Biology at Lehman.

I have also participated in the Writing Across the Curriculum program at Lehman and have adapted the Discrete Math, Computer Programming, and Introduction to Networks to emphasize reading and writing skills (of the technical variety).

I received a B.A. in mathematics from Harvard College in 1967 and a Ph.D. in information science from the University of Chicago in 1978.

I have two children and three grandchildren, eight years old, six years old, and one year old; my favorite music is ragtime; and my husband and I like to explore park areas and museums in the New Jersey and New York areas. Our favorite park is the High Line; our favorite museum is the Ruth Zimmerli Museum at Rutgers.

email: nancy.griffeth at
telephone: 718-960-8787

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Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
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Naralys Batista

I am currently a Junior undergrad student at Lehman College and have been studying both Chemistry and Computer Science. I was exposed to Computational Science my sophomore year by Professor Redenti and was given the opportunity to collaborate with Professor Griffeth in modeling biological systems. I had a wonderful and enriching experience last year at the CMACS workshop and used much of the knowledge I learned to catapult me into my research efforts. Apart from my time researching I spend a lot of my time cooking, dancing Ballet, and doing yoga. In the future I plan to use my skills in graduate school and contribute to the ever growing collective of science.



Workshop Project Design
James Faeder

My lab is interested in developing mathematical models of biological regulatory processes that integrate specific knowledge about protein-protein interactions. Together with collaborators at Los Alamos National Laboratory, we have developed a simulation framework called BioNetGen that allows rule-based specification of biochemical reaction networks and provides both deterministic and stochastic modeling capabilities. Current research includes the development of specific models of signal transduction and the development of new stochastic simulation algorithms that will greatly broaden the scope of models that can be developed. Other research areas include model reduction, parameter estimation and uncertainty analysis, and automated model construction from databases of protein interactions.