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Medical Coding and Billing

This comprehensive training provides students with the skills necessary to begin a career in Health Information Management. Key subjects include how to manually fi le claims; trace delinquent claims; appeal denied claims; monitor compliance with regulations; and to extract coding information from the medical record.

Students may apply for and complete certificate programs in Physician Office Billing; Medical Record Coder; Medical Billing and Coding; Electronic Health Records. In the coding program, students become proficient at both ICD-10CM/PCS and CPT-4 Coding. After obtaining work experience, students may be qualifi ed to sit for the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) CCA (Certified Coding Associate) Exam and/or Certified Coding Specialists (CCS) exam.

Program Certification: In order to receive a program certificate, students must complete a program application ($25), successfully complete all course requirements*, and submit a certificate request form ($5). Call 718-960-8512 for more information. (*CORE requirements MUST be taken in order to obtain the Lehman College certificate/no waivers.)

Certificate Programs:


  • MRP 80 Medical Term./Anat. & Phys./Path./Pharm. I
  • MRP 81 Medical Term./Anat. & Phys./Path./Pharm./Oncology II
  • MRP 50 (CORE) Medical/Surgical/Dental Offi ce Procedures
  • MRP 15 (CORE) Coding for Physician Services: CPT/HCPS LEV 2
  • MRP 64 (CORE) Medical Billing.


  • MRP 80 Medical Term./Anat. & Phys./Path./Pharm. I
  • MRP 81 Medical Term./Anat. & Phys./Path./Pharm./Oncology II
  • MRP 28/29 (CORE) ICD-10CM and ICD-10PCS Coding
  • MRP 15 (CORE) Coding for Physician Serv.: CPT/HCPS LEV. 2
  • MRP 31 (CORE) ICD-10 Coding Internship/EHR Training
  • MRP 97 (CORE) AHIMA-CCS Exam Prep


  • MRP 80 Medical Term./Anat. & Phys./Path./Pharm. I
  • MRP 81 Medical Term./Anat. & Phys./Path./Pharm./Oncology II
  • MRP 28/29 (CORE) ICD-10CM and ICD-10PCS Coding
  • MRP 15 (CORE) Coding for Physician Serv.: CPT/HCPS LEV. 2
  • MRP 31 (CORE) ICD-10 Coding Internship/EHR Training
  • MRP 97 (CORE) AHIMA-CCS Exam Prep
  • MRP 64 (CORE) Medical Billing


  • EHR 10 Online Electronic Health Records
  • EHR 20 Electronic Health Records Internship


Medical Terminology/Anatomy and Physiology/Pathophysiology/Pharmacology I
MRP 80/$385 (13 sessions) LEHC
This course prepares those with no medical background to understand the language used by physicians and other medical professionals and provides the student with a foundation knowledge in anatomy & physiology, pathophysiology and pharmacology.

Medical Terminology/Anatomy and Physiology/Pathophysiology/Pharmacology II
MRP 81/$385 (13 sessions) LEHC
This course, a continuation of MRP 80, provides the student with an in depth knowledge or an updated review of anatomy & physiology, diseases, drugs and other treatments required to accurately code. For those wishing to expand their knowledge or those seeking a refresher course to prepare themselves for coding using ICD-10CM and ICD 10PCS. (prereq. MRP 80)

Medical/Surgical/Dental Office Procedures (CORE)
MRP 50/$330 (11 sessions) LEHC
This course provides instruction in medical/surgical office procedures and front desk management.


SPECIAL SATURDAY ICD-10 Coding intensive section starts January 18!

ICD-10CM and ICD-10PCS Coding (CORE)
Both parts (MRP 28 and MRP 29) provide in-depth explanation and training in ICD-10 CM and PCS Coding of Diseases and Conditions for those beginning coding in ICD-10 CM and PCS Coding. MRP 28 must be taken prior to MRP 29. ICD-10 Coding manuals and textbook must be brought to first class.

  • MRP 28/$395 LEHC (35 hours) (prereq. MRP 81 or equiv.)
  • MRP 29/$395 LEHC (35 hours) (prereq. MRP 28)


Coding for Physician Services: CPT and HCPS LEVEL 2 (CORE)
MRP 15/$375 (12 sessions) LEHC (prereq. MRP 81)
This course provides the skills necessary to code procedures for physicians’ services rendered in all health care settings utilizing the latest CPT methodology and text. It is essential for all physician billing.

UPDATE: Coding Clinical Practicum (CORE)
MRP 31/$475 (36 hours) LEHC
Extensive experience in coding ICD-10-CM using current hard-copy medical records. (prereqs. MRP 26 and 27 or 29; MRP15 recommended)

AHIMA-CCS Exam Prep (Certified Coding Specialist) (CORE)
MRP 97/$390 (12 sessions) LEHC
(Prerequisite MRP 31, MRP15, MRP25/26/27 or MRP28/29
The CCS Preparation Exam class will provide opportunities for students to develop skills and mastery in classifying medical data from patient records in the hospital setting. The class will focus on case analysis that will require the knowledge and expertise in diagnosis coding and procedure coding using ICD-9-CM and CPT manuals. Knowledge of medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, disease processes and pharmacology are essential to the success of every student. This course assists students preparing for the AHIMA-CCS examinations and benefits coders in upgrading their coding skills.

Medical Billing: Inpatient, Outpatient and Physicians’ Offices (CORE)
MRP 64/$370 (12 sessions) LEHC
This course provides the professional and technical skills required to confidently complete and prepare all billing forms for inpatient confinements, outpatient treatment and physicians’ services. (No prerequisites).

Billing Internship

MRP 67 Off-site
Available on a voluntary basis. For more information, call 718-960-8512 or 718-960-7322. Provides personal hands-on experience with claims, patients and insurance companies in the medical billing process. (Available ONLY to graduates of the Lehman College Medical Biller program)

Electronic Health Records on-line

Have your completed the Medical Coder/Biller program or are you an experienced biller/coder who is interested in or needs to upgrade your skills in the area of electronic health records? Students who successfully complete the following on-line course through Career Tech may be eligible for National Healthcareer Association (NHA) certifi cation in Certified Electronic Health Record specialist (CEHRS). (Prerequisite: education or work experience in health records maintenance and requirements, physicians’ office management, medical billing/coding).

EHR 100/$555 (100 hours) (package includes text and instructor support)

The on-line course provides students with the knowledge and skills required to work with electronic health records in today’s rapidly changing health care environment. It provides in-depth and practical training on a widely used Electronic Health Record software program (Practice Partner). This on-line course serves as an introduction to a current medical software application and is the hands-on component to “Working with Electronic Health Records”. Emphasis is placed on medical accounting records, patient scheduling, patient billing, and maintaining health records on the computer. Success in this course requires a basic level of competency with computers and word processing, spreadsheet, and database (electronic records) concepts. Students may register for the package ($555) or individually ($295) per course.

Introduction to Electronic Health Records
EHR 10/$295

Working with Electronic Health Records
EHR 20/$295

Course schedules (PDF)

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