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Personal Development 

Be Creative! Be Fit! Enjoy Your Leisure Time!

Learn new skills or pursue a long-standing interest in photography, cooking, writing, languages, technology, music and physical fitness including swimming in Lehman’s Olympic-size pool. Our experienced and dedicated instructors are passionate about their personal development classes. Inspiring their students is their goal.


Hands-on Introduction to Digital Photography

Using classroom lectures, instructor-led photo shoots, and training in photo-editing software will get you up-and-running with digital photography. Learn to use the manual settings on your camera, and how to use aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and white balance settings to create professional quality images. A digital single lens reflex or other digital camera with manual controls to be brought to the first class meeting.
EDP77 /5 sessions / 15 hours / LEHC / $195

The Digital Darkroom: Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop

Learn to use Adobe Lightroom and utilize darkroom techniques developed over decades of film photography with digital images. Adjusting exposure, contrast, and color are essential for producing professional photos. This is followed by an introduction Adobe Photoshop for more complex image editing. You prepare images for the web and for print and have a hands-on opportunity to output photos to a high-quality ink-jet printer. A $15 material fee (cash only) is to be paid at the first class meeting.
EDP78 / 6 sessions / 18 hours / LEHC / $235


Web Site Design I

This is an introductory course in HTMXL and XTHML the languages used to create documents for publication on the web. Emphasis is placed on creating effective, informative and aesthetically-pleasing Web content.
EDP 115 (10 sessions) LEHC

PowerPoint in the Real World

You will learn PowerPoint basics while engaging in creative, practical projects such as teachers’ lesson plans, documentaries, photo albums and at home in the kitchen for recipes and menus and more. A USB flash drive to be brought to first class.
PCW 60 3 sessions / 9 hours / LEHC $125

Curso de Computacion: Desde el Basico hasta el Avanzado

En este curso completo, se incluyen los siguientes temas: la estructura del equipo, sistemas operativos y administración del sistema; programas de utilidad: las bases de datos; presentaciones; Las aplicaciones de Microsoft (Microsoft Word, Excel y PowerPoint 2013); internet: conexiones, “navegadores” motores de búsqueda “descargas,” “archivos” música y fotos digitales, comercio electrónico y phishing (estafa, phishing, etc.); correo electrónico, mensajería, salas de chat y blogs; y el desarrollo de la red.

EDP 82 5 sessions / 15 hours / COTC / $225


Creativity through Writing

Whether it’s an email, essay, letter, or short story, you will learn to express your ideas and feelings with creativity, clarity, energy, and flair. This course focuses on producing writing that is creative, organized, and grammatical.
WRT 30 6 sessions / 9 hours / LEHC / $125

Effective Business Communication Writing & Oral Skills for Professionals.

Are your communication skills holding you back in your job or in business? Learn how to communicate in a clear and professional manner.
CBS 28 8 sessions / 20 hours / LEHC / $245


American Sign Language

An introduction to American Sign Language is provided in this course which includes grammatical principles, vocabulary building, finger spelling and practice in receptive and expressive skills.
ASL 10 7 sessions / 10.5 / LEHC / $150

Speed Spanish

The speaking and listening skills necessary for everyday contact with the Spanish speaking community in New York City and abroad are taught. Students speak Spanish in class from the first day of the course. This course is for those with no knowledge of Spanish.
LSP 20 8 sessions / 12 hours / LEHC / $165


The Creative Kitchen: Delicious and Healthy Home Cooking - SPRING UPDATE!

Surprise family and friends with delicious and healthy main dishes, salads and desserts made from seasonal, fresh and local ingredients which you learn to prepare in Lehman’s state-of-the-art kitchen lab This semester dishes taught in this hands-on course include: Savory Mushroom Pizza with Cheese; Poblano Chicken and Mushroom Quesadilla; Tasty Lobster Roll with Green Salad and Avocado; and Refreshing Orange-Lemon Panna Cotta. Helpful kitchen tips and tricks are integrated throughout the course. Be prepared for a taste sensation! Students are asked to come to class in appropriate attire for cooking. A $25 materials fee (cash only) to be paid at the first class meeting.
CUL 07 4 sessions / 10 hours / LEHC / $139


Guitar for Adults at All Levels

Master the guitar now with the “See it—Say It—Play It” technique developed by guitar instructor Teddy Crawford. Whether you are a true beginner or someone who has played before, you will make progress from the first session. Fun songs are introduced in interactive jam sessions giving students of all levels the opportunity to participate and learn in a stress-free setting. Different styles such as pop, R & B, folk, calypso, reggae, Latin American and jazz are introduced. A guitar is required for the first class; a nylon string acoustic guitar is recommended but not mandatory.
PFA 63 6 sessions / 7.5 hours / LEHC / $135


Dance-Fit: Zumba!

This Latin-inspired dance-fitness Zumba program is an exhilarating, effective, easy-to-follow, calorie burning dance fitness-party™ that’s moving millions of people toward joy and health.
PES 14 8 sessions / 6 hours / LEHC / $105


CUNYcard photo I.D. required for APEX classes.
CUNYcard ID Schedule

Swimming for Beginners

For adults with no experience in the water, this course covers proper breathing, floating, the front crawl and elementary backstroke. Fundamentals of water safety are included. Enrollment limited. Swim cap is required. Valid CUNYCard I.D. required.
PES 50 7 sess / 5.25 hours / LEHC / $125

Advanced Beginner Swimming

Review and continue to develop beginner swimming skills including floating, front crawl and comfort in deep water. Valid CUNYCard I.D. required
PES 51 7 sess / 5.25 hours / LEHC / $125

Water Aerobics for Beginners

Do you want to get in shape, love aerobics, but need
low-impact movement that protects your knees and joints?
Water aerobics combines gentle and fun movement while
you keep cool in the pool.
PED 69 7 sessions  /5.25 hours / LEHC / $125

Synchronized Swimming

Synchronized swimming is a performance sport which takes place in deep water. Swimmers learn sculling techniques, how to tread water, intermediate and advanced swimming strokes and kicks. Advanced swimmers work on developing core control and increased grab on the water. All swimmers learn figures (stunts) appropriate to their ability and experience. Designed to develop increased fitness while having fun in the water. (Prerequisites: ability to swim 20 yards and be comfortable in deep water and underwater. PES50: Swimming for Beginners). Valid CUNYCard I.D. required
PES 58 8 sess / 10.5 hours / LEHC / $220

Aqua Zumba

Splash your way into shape with an invigorating low-impact aquatic exercise. Known as the Zumba ® “pool party,” the Aqua Zumba program gives new meaning to the idea of a refreshing workout. Integrating the Zumba-philosophy with traditional aquatic fitness disciplines, Aqua Zumba® blends it all together into workout that’s cardio-conditioning, body-toning, and most of all, exhilarating beyond belief. Valid CUNYCard I.D. required
PES 68 7 sess / 5.25 hours / LEHC / $125

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