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Faculty Spotlight

Photo of Alexander Núñez-Torres, Assistant Professor of Finance at Lehman College

Dr. Alexander Núñez-Torres is an assistant professor in Finance at the Economics and Business Department in Lehman College. His research interests include Corporate Finance, Asset Pricing Anomalies, Banking and Financial Literacy. He has presented his work and attended numerous national and international conferences as well as being invited as a visiting scholar from Jones Graduate School of Business at Rice University, as a speaker for the Graduate School of Business of the University of Puerto Rico and local Hedge Funds. As part of his extracurricular activities as a faculty member, he currently leads the charge in the installation and implementation of the Bloomberg terminals in the classroom; he also serves as a faculty liaison for Lehman's Freshmen Year Initiative as well as the point person for "know capital" student investment capital team. Currently, in conjunction with the library and colleagues at the Department, he co-leads a case study project, that is integrating businesses in the Bronx with the academic community. He holds a Ph.D. from the University of Puerto Rico and a B.A. in Civil Engineering from the Santo Domingo Institute of Technology.