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Advising FAQ

How do I declare my major?

Undergraduates must declare a major prior to registering for the 60th credit. Failure to declare a major once a student has reached 60 credits will make a student ineligible to receive TAP (NYS Tuition Assistance). A Major must be declared within the first two weeks of a semester.

To declare a major, schedule an appointment with the major advisor and then take the major form to the Registrar’s Office in Shuster Hall – Room 106. Follow the same procedure to declare a minor using an advisor in the minor department. Students admitted to take a second bachelor’s degree must file a second degree area of concentration form. These forms are available in Shuster Hall 106 and 114.

Are minors required?

Minors are no longer required but if space permits it is recommended that students use minors to enhance their learning. Minors may be used to complement the academic work in the major or to explore different areas of learning.

When can I register for next semester’s courses?

Generally, registration is open 2 months prior to the semester start date. Each semester, you should check when registration begins by clicking ‘Academic Calendar’ located on the left hand side of the Office of the Registrar’s main webpage.

Please note the final exam schedule is also listed on this site.

How do I add a course to my schedule?

Registration for courses at Lehman College is conducted over the internet using CUNYFirst.

In-person registration is ONLY provided to incoming freshmen entering Lehman College for the first time. More information on registering for courses can be located by clicking ‘Registration’ located on the left hand side of the Office of the Registrar’s main webpage.

What should I do if I have not taken a prerequisite and still want to take the course?

If you have not taken the prerequisite and still want to take the course, please contact Mrs. Deirdre Constant, Departmental Advisor, to determine your eligibility for taking the course. She is best reached by email at Be sure to include your emplid student identification number in all correspondence.

What happens if a class is closed and I need to take it?

Students are allotted registration appointments according to the number of credits they have accumulated. Seniors get the first appointments to register. It is vital that students become aware of their appointment time (listed in CUNYFirst) and then enroll as early as possible for their classes. If classes close, a waitlist is in place for business and accounting classes. Students must enroll on the waitlist just as if they were enrolling for a class. They check ‘waitlist if full’ to get on the waitlist. A class will show up as ‘waiting’ on the schedule. If a space becomes available, the student who is #1 on the waitlist is enrolled in that course. The waitlist is to ensure that all students are treated fairly. Classes are not over tallied.

How are waitlists used?

The Department of Economics and Business uses class waitlists for fairness and for the convenience of students. If a needed class is closed, students are encouraged to ‘enroll’ and click ‘waitlist if full’ to enroll on the waitlist. When a space becomes available in a class, the first student on the waitlist will become enrolled.

Students should be aware that if they enroll on the WL for several sections for the same class, they will receive a seat only in the first class that has an opening. Enrolling on a waitlist is NOT a guarantee of a spot in a class, nor a guarantee of a particular teacher. If a student chooses to enroll on a waitlist when other sections of the class are open, they risk not getting a seat in the class that semester. Students must monitor their class schedules to see if their status has moved from 'waiting' to 'enrolled.'

How do I get a course evaluated and approved if I am a transfer student?

Consult Mrs. Deirdre Constant, the Departmental Advisor, or Ms. Kuniko Shoda-Montgomery for approval and course equivalencies when you receive your transfer evaluation sheet from the Admissions Office. To aid the evaluation process particularly for credits earned outside the USA, students need to provide as much information as possible on the courses they wish to have evaluated. Course descriptions and if possible, syllabi from transfer institutions will help determine if transfer equivalency can be given. Please bring the descriptions to the departmental advisor for any course you wish to have evaluated. Please make an appointment and come prepared.

When do classes start?

Each semester, you may check when classes begin by clicking ‘Academic Calendar’ located on the left hand side of the Office of the Registrar’s main webpage.

Students should also check the calendar for

  • Cancellation dates (dates by which if you have not paid, your classes will be dropped)
  • Deadlines for withdrawing from classes
  • Holidays when school is closed
  • Verification of attendance – (if you have not attended by this date you will be dropped from classes)
  • Deadlines to apply for graduation
  • Deadlines for grade submission

What is Blackboard?

Blackboard is a web-based tool that allows professors and students to participate in course activities outside of the classroom. Blackboard allows professors to post announcements, quizzes, surveys, course syllabus, texts, spreadsheets, etc. Additionally, Blackboard offers students the opportunity to communicate through discussion boards and virtual chat rooms.

Blackboard may be accessed through Lehman’s main web page. If you have questions pertaining to your account or accessing Blackboard, contact Lehman College Help Desk at 718-960-1111 or e-mail:

How do I contact a professor?

Refer to your syllabus for contact information or go to the department's faculty page or the college directory and locate the professor you wish to contact. There you will be provided each professor’s phone number and e-mail address. It is recommended that you e-mail a professor because professors are not typically in their office every day. All professors have ‘office hours’ each week. Please check your syllabus for office hours and use that time to connect with your professors and ask questions. It is usually advisable to make an appointment to see them during their office hours.

Where is the Registrar's office located?

Graduation Audit: Shuster Hall, Room 105
Records: Shuster Hall, Room 106
Transcripts: Shuster Hall, Room 108
Semester Information: Shuster Hall, Room 114
Phone: 718-960-8255

Where is Financial Aid office located?

Lehman students, both full-time and part-time, may be eligible for financial aid through various state, federal, and college programs. More information on financial aid can be obtained by visiting Shuster Hall, Room 136; phone: 718-960-8545 or by clicking here

Where is Career Services office located?

Shuster Hall, Room 254 (or Shuster Hall, Room 229)
250 Bedford Park Boulevard West
Bronx, NY 10468-1589
Tel: (718) 960-8366
Fax: (718) 960-7887

The Career Services Center (CSC) at Lehman College assists its students in meeting the challenges of the workplace and the new millennium by integrating the areas of career development, job opportunities, internships, and technology into their academic experience. Students may register for the CSC by clicking here or or sending an email to Career Services.

The Career Services Center (CSC) at Lehman College assists its students in meeting the challenges of the workplace and the new millennium by integrating the areas of career development, job opportunities, internships, and technology into their academic experience.

Where Can I go for academic help?

The Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) provides tutoring in business administration, economics and accounting courses. ACE is located in the Old Gym Building, Room 205. For more information or to make an appointment please call 718-960-8175 or visit humanities tutoring.

What is the police/emergency phone number on campus?

Emergency transportation for injured students or staff is available by contacting the Department of Public Safety at its emergency telephone number 718-960-7777.

Public Safety and Security Services is located in Room 109 of the APEX, the Department of Public Safety is responsible for 24-hour protection of all persons and property on the College grounds.

Who should I contact if I am having non-academic, emotional or financial problems?

The Counseling Center (CSC) at Lehman College is a safe place for students to talk about any concerns they may have. Services are free and confidential and provided in a safe environment where students may address issues that may be keeping them from attaining their academic goals. All students are treated with respect and are seen as individuals with unique strengths. The CSC is located at Old Gym Building, Room 114, phone: 718-960-8761, E-mail:

Where can I go if I am feeling unwell?

At the Student Health Center, the health needs of students are treated. It is a primary care facility available to all Lehman students with a valid I.D. Most services are free of charge, while some have a small fee. Student Health Center is located in building T-3, Room 118. If you have a question you may email in confidence – and for more information visit Student Health Center.