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The edTPA (Teacher Performance Assessment) certification requirements focus on five key dimensions of teaching: planning, instruction, assessment, written commentary about teaching practice, and academic language. As a performance-based assessment, completion of the requirements are embedded in the student-teaching classroom experience (usually in the last semester of a candidate’s program).

The assessments include rigorous written commentary, video submission, and assessments as evidence of teaching skill, but more importantly of student learning.

Each credential (content) area has its own “Handbook” that includes details and guidance about meeting your specific certification requirements. You will have access to your credential area handbook through your edTPA Taskstream account.

About edTPA Support and Site Resources:

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Minimum Passing Scores and Mastery edTPA Scores

IMPORTANT NEWS: About the edTPA Safety Net:

Approved at the April, 2015 meeting, a New York State amendment extends the timeline only for eligible candidates who fall under the edTPA Safety Net time frame.

These eligible candidates are those who:

• have received a failed score on the edTPA

• have passed the ATS-W after having received a failed score on the edTPA (Please note: The candidate does not need to retake the ATS-W if they took and passed the ATS-W prior to April 30, 2014)

• have filed and paid for their initial certification application.

Must complete all of the above requirements on or before June 30, 2015

The candidates who qualify for the edTPA Safety Net will have until June 30, 2016 to meet all other certification requirements. (exams, workshops, program and etc.)

It is anticipated that the proposed amendment will be adopted by the Board of Regents as a permanent rule and will become effective April 29, 2015.

Getting Started and Making Good Choices:

The "Getting Started" resources at are for use by candidates who plan to or are completing the edTPA. Making Good Choices provides considerations for candidates as they plan their learning segment, prepare to video record their teaching, and assess their students.

Making Good Choices