edTPA - Teacher Performance Assessment

edTPA - Teacher Performance Assessment

The edTPA (Teacher Performance Assessment) certification requirements focus on five key dimensions of teaching: planning, instruction, assessment, written commentary about teaching practice, and academic language. As a performance-based assessment, completion of the requirements are embedded in the student-teaching classroom experience (usually in the last semester of a candidate’s program).

The assessments include rigorous written commentary, video submission, and assessments as evidence of teaching skill, but more importantly of student learning.

Each credential (content) area has its own “Handbook” that includes details and guidance about meeting your specific certification requirements. You will have access to your credential area handbook through your edTPA Taskstream account.

Important News & Update About the edTPA

"Safety Net" for students who did not pass the edTPA

The Department is pleased to announce that teacher certification candidates who fail the edTPA and choose to take the ATS-W instead of retaking the edTPA pursuant to the “Safety Net” adopted by the Board of Regents at its April meeting may request a test voucher code to take the ATS-W at no cost to the candidate. Information about the Safety Net

To apply for a voucher code for the ATS-W, please send an email with your (i) Name as it appears in your TEACH account, (ii) last five digits of your Social Security Number, (iii) Date of Birth, and (iv) your current Email Address to edtpaatsw@mail.nysed.gov with a short statement that a test voucher code is requested.

Upon receipt of this email and verification of the candidate’s edTPA score, candidates will receive a test voucher code in an email to be used when registering for the ATS-W. Please note that there are no eligibility requirements for this voucher except that the candidate must have already taken and failed the edTPA.

Lehman College: School of Education would now like to announce the New York State Education Department emergency legislation regarding the edTPA.

Current students must complete the edTPA, but will not have to take the edTPA again if they fail it. Although all efforts should be towards passing the edTPA, students who receive a failing score now have a "safety net" enabling them to take the ATS-W and pass it before June 30, 2015 to get regular initial certification.

Therefore, if ANY student (in student teaching in need of initial certification) has not yet completed or submitted the edTPA, he/she MUST do so before the next scoring cycle. The test scoring dates by content area are listed here.

The subject line of a full report of the Amendment from the State Education Department:
"Emergency Adoption of Amendments to Section 52.21 and Part 80 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education to Provide Teacher Candidates, who Apply for TeacherCertification Prior to June 30, 2015 and Who Take and Fail the Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA), with the Option of Obtaining an Initial Certificate if the Candidate Passes the ATS-W Prior to June 30, 2015 and Subsequent to Receiving His/Her Score on the edTPA."

The specific action being taken regarding students:
"1. Any candidate who applies for and meets all the requirements for an initial certificate on or before June 30, 2015, except he/she does not receive a satisfactory passing score on the teacher performance assessment, if required, may be issued an initial certificate; provided that subsequent to receiving a score for the teacher performance assessment and prior to June 30, 2015, the candidate receives a satisfactory level of performance on the written assessment of teaching skills examination in lieu of a satisfactory level of performance on the teacher performance assessment.Transitional C certificate holders (generally Career and Technical Education teachers who are career changers or hold a graduate academic or professional degree) would be provided similar flexibility in meeting the edTPA requirement for a professional certificate."

NOTE: Any prior conversations that suggested students who fail would receive a conditional license and need to re-take the edTPA within 2 years is no longer accurate! The School of Education will continue to work towards supporting students in successful completion of the edTPA and all other certification exams. Having students pass all exams is our goal. But the new emergency legislation suggests that if a current student fails the edTPA, he/she will need to substitute a passing score with the ATS-W to receive initial certification.

Statement from Commissioner King

Candidate to Candidate: Reflections on Taking edTPA

Roshawna Cooper, a graduate of Lehman College in Childhood Education and participant in our School of Education Spring 2013 edTPA pilot, is in a series of videos now posted on the AACTE edTPA webste. Along with three other teacher candidates, Roshawna was recruited to talk about her experience in completing the edTPA and how it has impacted her teaching practices. The four field test participants to talk about major takeaways, biggest challenges and decision points and to offer advice to other candidates for successfully completing the edTPA process.


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