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Handbook Specifications

Always check your content area Handbook for specific requirements listed in the
"Evidence Chart." We support the technical requirements by providing the following User Guides and general instructions.

Final versions of all Commentary submissions must be made on the downloadable template in your Taskstream edTPA Program.

Task 1: Planning

Task 1 Part A: Context for Learning Information

Download template in your Taskstream edTPA Program.There will be specific prompts for your content area with brackets [ ] for you to type your response. You MUST use the Taskstream template to automatically meet the layout requirements (Arial 11-point font type, single space and 1" margins on all sides). Once you download the Taskstream template, it functions like a Word doc, with spell check and other features. Therefore, you can write your drafts directly into this template.

Task 1 Part B: Lesson Plans for Learning Segment or Learning Experience

All 3 – 5 lesson plans must be uploaded as one (1) file (doc/docx/pdf). Submit no more than 4 pages per lesson.

Copy/paste the lesson plans for learning segment (unit) into one (1) file and to clearly separate each plan, with the following titles:

  • Lesson 1, Lesson 2, Lesson 3
  • Early Childhood ONLY: Learning Experience 1, Learning Experience 2, etc.

Task 1 Part C: Instructional Material

You can only submit one (1) file with all of your KEY instructional material.

You can only submit 5 pages of instructional material for each lesson. For example: 3 lessons x 5 pages instructional material for each lesson = 15 pages total within your single (1) file.

Examples include, but are not limited to: SMART Board Notebook slides, PowerPoint presentation, photos of manipulatives or chartpaper (i.e. with lists of vocabulary words, definitions, etc.), fraction strips, etc.

Clearly separate instructional materials with the following titles:

  • Lesson 1 Instructional Materials, Lesson 2 Instructional Materials, Lesson 3 Instructional Materials. etc.
    Order the materials as they are used in the learning segment.
  • Early Childhood ONLY: Title your instructional materials: Learning Experience 1 Instructional Material, Learning Experience 2 Instructional Material, etc.

Task 1 Part D: Assessments

Submit all assessments in one (1) file. These are the assignments or follow-up related to each lesson. Attach samples of original assessments (blank), do not include actual student work here.

Examples include, but are not limited to: paper and pencil test(s), quizzes, worksheets, exit tickets, list of writing prompts, list of oral questions, etc.

Clearly separate assessment with the following titles:

  • Lesson 1 Assessments, Lesson 2 Assessments, etc.
    Order assessments as they are used in the learning segment and title each section:
  • Early Childhood ONLY: Learning Experience 1 Assessments, Learning Experience 2 Assessments, etc.
  • Special Education ONLY: Lesson 1 Assessments OR Procedures, Lesson 2 Assessments OR Procedures, etc.
    The Special Education Assessment section includes additional data procedures, check Handbook for details.

Task 1 Part E: Planning Commentary

Download Commentary template from your Taskstream edTPA Program and respond to prompts in brackets [ ] BEFORE teaching the learning segment!

User Guides:

All final submissions to Taskstream MUST be a PDF or Word doc/docx. Below are a number of ways that you can include and/or combine your SMART Board lessons, assessments, student work and feedback, photos of 3D student work, etc into the requirements mentioned above.

1. Using a SMART Board Notebook or PowerPoint file: If you are planning to use the SMART Board or PowerPoint in any of your lessons, put them all in a single NOTEBOOK or PPT file. Separate the lessons with a title slide that clearly identifies Lesson 1, Lesson 2, etc.

If you need to combine SMART Board lessons and doc/docx documents, first save SMART Board lesson as PDF and Word docs as a PDF then follow user guide #6a.

2. Scanners: To scan instructional material or student work samples/worksheets/other [with or without candidate feedback], visit the Lehman College IT Center in Carman Hall. Click correct month for hours.

3. Scanning with Free Mobile Apps: To scan instructional material or student work samples/worksheets/other [with or without candidate feedback], download an app to scan/photo and email back to yourself as a PDF or jpeg image.

Sample Genius Scan PDF from Early Childhood!

4. Inserting Photos (using camera, phone, etc.) of 3D objects, student work samples, etc.

NOTE: ALL Your evidence must be submitted in 1 document or PDF, even though it covers 3 - 5 lessons. [Student Work Samples are submitted as individual files. See Task 3]

5a. Copy/Paste all evidence into 1 file clearly divided by TITLES for that topic. [See TITLE GUIDE above]

6a. Combine multiple PDFs into 1 file: If you have multiple PDFs, combine into one PDF file either by scanning all files into one file (see scanning options above) OR merge all the PDFs using Adobe Acrobat Pro [Adobe Acrobat Pro].

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