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Vision & Mission

Teach and Learn with Technology = 
Inspire. Inquire. Integrate. Innovate. Influence.

Lehman College School of Education educators effectively and seamlessly weave technology into a strong foundation of content, cognitive, social emotional processes, and pedagogical knowledge using professional expertise of 21st century tools and skills. Supporting the four LUTE themes:

Educators inspire, inquire, integrate, innovate and influence teaching and learning with technology by:

  • Collaborating, evaluating and demonstrating best practices;
  • Integrating existing and new technologies and multimedia communication to develop engaging learning experiences, content, authentic assessment, and research;
  • Using technology to differentiate curriculum and instruction for diverse learners;
  • Empowering leader, teacher and school counselor skills to ensure PreK – 12 student achievement and success;
  • Understanding and using the power and potential of technology, digital media, and/or social networking in advocacy and social justice work.

* faculty, adjuncts, staff, students/candidates, peers, school partners

[Approved: February 20, 2013]

Strategic Educational Technology Planning Committee (Fall 2012 -2014):
  • Leslie Lieman, School of Education, Chair
  • Orlando Alonso, MHSE
  • Christy Folsom, ECCE
  • Danielle Magaldi-Dopman, CLLSE
  • Elvani Pennil, School of Education
  • Laura Roberts, CLLSE
  • Naliza Sadik, Educational Technology Assistant, TQP MATH UP
  • Daniel Stuckart, MHSE
Strategic Educational Technology Planning Committee (2009 - 2011):
  • Leslie Lieman, School of Education, Chair
  • Stuart Chen-Hayes, CLLSE
  • Margo DelliCarpinini, MHSE
  • Roy Fernandez, ECCE
  • David Fletcher, MHSE
  • Christy Folsom, ECCE
  • Lisa Gursel, ECCE
  • Immaculee Harushimana, MHSE
  • Elvani Pennil, School of Education
  • Laura Roberts, CLLSE


In Fall 2009, Leslie Lieman, Educational Technology Coordinator, established a Strategic Educational Technology Planning Committee (SETPC) that was charged with looking at the future of educational technology in the School of Education. An esteemed group of faculty became the SETPC Leadership Team and shared their wisdom and expertise through meetings, activity-based experiences and discussions. In January 2010 the SETPC Leadership Team led a half-day faculty retreat to solicit contributions, expectations, knowledge, experience, ideas and goals from the entire School of Education faculty. After continued work, the SETPC Leadership Team drafted the above educational technology vision and mission for the School of Education.

In Fall 2012, a newly constituted SETPC was reviewed the vision and mission statements and aligned it with the new Lehman Urban Transtormative Education (LUTE) framework and International Society of Technology Education (ISTE)standards. The proposed changed to the LUTE framework passed in February, 2013. The committee will continue to evaluate and champion the School of Education's best technology integration practices.