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From Program Coordinators, Gillian Bayne and Wesley Pitts

Thank you your for your interest in the graduate program in science education at Lehman College. Lehman offers several unique opportunities in the Department of Middle and High School Education to earn a master's degree and satisfy the requirement for a New York State Teacher Certification.  All of our science education programs prepare candidates to teach in grades seven through twelve. Lehman offers programs leading to both initial and professional certification in the following science specialty subject areas: biology, chemistry, earth science and physics.

We are committed to preparing our students to serve within a variety of schools in the New York City area and work carefully with them to develop a broad and far reaching knowledge base in content, pedagogy and theoretical applications. We are proud to have a rigorous program that has been tailored to meet the needs of our graduate students while preparing them for the demands of teaching in a diversity of secondary science learning environments.

Please contact Professor Wesley Pitts to review requirements for all programs listed below.

Graduate Bulletin

M.S.Ed. Program in Science Education

Advanced Certificate in Science Education (24 Credits)

For college graduates and career changers who do not have an undergraduate degree in science education: Program Sequence 132 (41-48 credits)

College graduates or career changers who have completed an undergraduate degree (or equivalent) in a science content area may earn a master's degree in science education while simultaneously meeting the requirement for initial certification.

For college graduates who have earned an initial certification in a science subject specialty area: Program Sequence 131 (33-36 credits)

Candidates who possess a current NYS initial certification in a science content area and an undergraduate degree, or its equivalent, in a science content area, may earn a master's degree in science education.

For candidates who possess a master's degree in a science content area: Program (Advance Certificate) Sequence 267 (21-24 credits)

This Advanced Certificate Program greatly shortens the path towards certification.

Professor Wesley Pitts may be contacted for information regarding program sequences 131, 132 and the Advanced Certificate (267). Please also contact Professor Pitts regarding information about the Noyce Scholarship Program. These programs provide financial support for both aspiring and current science teachers in New York City schools.