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The Moth Radio Hour, the fantastic NPR radio storytelling show has a grant to partner with Lehman and Hunter to do a storytelling program with our students. As you may know, The Moth Radio Hour is a show that is broadcast on WNYC and many other NPR affiliated radio stations. It is true stories told by real people and the show is invariably riveting- funny, heartbreaking, triumphant- it is radio at its best.

The Moth has a grant through the Kate Spade foundation for empowering young women through storytelling-and this is where you come in! This program is taking place on the Lehman and Hunter campuses. The program begins soon- September 19th- and there are several different times to accommodate a range of schedules.

More Details

Who Should Apply:

The program is open to all students who identify as female and are enrolled in full or part-time study at Hunter College and Lehman College.

Workshop Information:

LEHMAN COLLEGE September 19th-21st, 2016
September 19th Workshops from 9-11am and 4-6pm
September 20th Workshops from 9-11am and 4-6pm
September 21st Final show 

What next?
Students who participate in the launch event can sign up for three further two-hour workshops, teaching storytelling skills for practical use, in October 2016:


Finding Identity through Personal Storytelling: Identifying a personal mission statement and career goals.


Practical Storytelling 1: Applying storytelling skills to job applications and cover letters.


Practical Storytelling 2: Applying storytelling skills to one-on-one interactions such a networking at job interviews.

How does the program end?
The Young Women’s Voices program will end with a final, curated show in the first week of December featuring storytellers who have refined their stories over the semester, for invited guests and open to all students on campus. This show will, like all other Moth shows, be professionally recorded and nominated for our Radio Hour and podcast, providing an opportunity for participants to reach and inspire other young women across the world.



Dr. Amanda Gulla

How to Apply!