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What do I need to get my certification after I graduate from Lehman? At Lehman, every program and individual has their own specific requirements based on how much is already met/not met. It is important to check in with the Certification Officer besides your own program adviser, to be sure of what your specific needs are for your certification once you are enrolled in an education program at Lehman.  However, the following is a general list of Lehman’s requirements for New York State Teacher initial certification:

  • Liberal Arts Credits Clearance (to be determined by your advisor)
  • Completion of the State Mandated Workshops
  • Completion of Student Teaching/ Internship
  • Create a New York State TEACH Online Services Account
  • Graduation from an Approved Teacher Program (includes Content & Pedagogy courses)
  • NY State requires all teacher exams and fingerprint clearance

Interested in taking state mandated workshops or a prep course for a teacher certification exam? Please call the Continuing Education Department in Carmen Hall Rm 128 (718)960-8512

They offer:

  • DASA Training (Bullying Workshop)
  • Child Abuse Identification
  • School Violence
  • Needs of Autism (for Speech & Special Education candidates)
  • LAST, ATS-W & CST Prep Course (For applicants who will be applying and completed everything for their first initial certification on or before Apri 30, 2014)

Where can I get my fingerprints done? Lehman does not offer fingerprint services. There are two ways you can get your fingerprints done:

1. If you have secured a position with the NYC- DOE (based in Brooklyn) then you may go to their HR Connect Walk-In Center 65 Court Street, Room 102. There is a fee I believe $115.00 but you may call them at 718-935-4000 to confirm the price. You will need proof that you are working or will be working at a NYC public school in the form of a letter and ID. After the NYC-DOE has your fingerprints then you will have to fill out an OSPRA 104 form which gives NYC-DOE permission to release your fingerprints to the state to be posted to your TEACH Online Services account.

2. If you do not currently work at a NYC-DOE school, then you will still need your fingerprints done in order to have your state teacher certification. When you log into your state TEACH Online Services account, you can apply under "fingerprint links" to the state for them to send you a fingerprint packet at a cost. The packet includes instructions and fingerprints cards. You can see if a police station can put your fingerprint images on the cards and then you can send them back to the state via certified postal mail.

If I’m in the process of finishing a specific educator program at Lehman and want to apply for an additional certificate, how can I do this? If you are enrolled in a specific program, then you need to meet all the requirements for that specific program including the certification requirements, and then apply for the other additional certificate through your New York State TEACH account AFTER you acquire your certification. If you apply to the state for an additional certificate once you already are a certificate holder, then your requirements would be considerably less. For this application process, you cannot enter a program code. 

I graduated from Lehman with my Bachelors and got my initial certification, now that I will be graduating from my Masters program, can I get my professional certificate? Unless the program you finish for your Masters is in the same subject and grade level, then you would have to apply to the state without a program code using the “Certificate Progression” pathway. You will need to show proof that you received a Masters degree by sending an official transcript.

Interested in enrolling into Lehman College?

  • Undergraduate Admissions (718)960-8713 Shuster Hall Shuster Hall Rm161
  • Graduate Admissions (718)960-8702 Shuster Hall Rm 150

Interested in registering for a class(es)? Refer to the Lehman College website for the Schedule of Classes, Course Catalog, Registration Information & Deadlines under the “Shortcuts” drop down menu in the heading.

Interested in teaching? What grade and subject?

Please refer to the list below to meet with the Program Coordinators(graduate) or Advisor(undergraduate) for the grade level and/or subject matter of your interest. You will need to contact one of the following departments to get the schedule and contact information for the coordinators/advisors:

  • Early Childhood/ Childhood Education: 718-960-8167 Carman Hall Room B-07 (Undergraduate/Graduate) Birth- 2 & Grades 1-6
  • Middle & High School Education: 718-960-8171 Carman Hall Room B-29 (Undergraduate/Graduate) Grades 5-9 & 7-12             
    • Art
    • English
    • Health Sciences: 718-960-8775 Gillet Hall Room 431
    • Math
    • Music: 718-960-8247Music Building Room 302
    • Science (Earth Science/Geology, Biology, Chemistry, Physics)
    • Social Studies
    • TESOL/ Bilingual Ext
  • Counseling, Leadership, Literacy, and Special Education: 718-960-8173 Carman Hall Room B-20 (Graduate Level Only)
    • School Counseling
    • Leadership: School Building Leader, School District Leader
    • Literacy - Birth - grade 6 or 5-12
    • Special Education- Early Childhood, Childhood, Adolescent: Generalist, all subjects
  • Speech & Language Disabilities: Speech Building 718-960-8134 (Graduate Level Only)

What happens if I don't pass all NYSTCE for initial certification by April 30, 2014?

You are required to take the new NYSTCE for initial certification. Please note that if you have taken the CST in the area or your certification, you do not need to take the new CST exams.

Will I fall under new NYSTCE testing requirements, if I already hold a valid NYS initial certification?

No, you just have to take the CST in the area you are seeking an additional certificate in.



Last modified: Apr 1, 2014

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