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Information Technology

From the Program Coordinators, Professors Daniel Stuckart and Roger Peach

Professor Roger PeachWelcome to the Undergraduate Education program for seventh grade through twelfth grade. We are committed to preparing competent, qualified, ethical, and reflective practitioners for service in diverse communities who believe in promoting care, justice, and equity in urban settings.

Our program is divided into two components, the minor in education and teacher certification. The minor in Education is open to all students with about 60 credits.  Upon completion of the minor, if you have decided to become a grade Professors Daniel Stuckartseven through twelve teacher and your overall GPA is a minimum 3.0, you will then complete an additional four (five for Art) courses. Completion of the minor and then the teacher education sequence will provide you with an initial teacher certification, allowing you to begin teaching in your subject area.

One of our major program goals is to support your development of leadership skills, knowledge and dispositions so you are prepared to make a critical different in the lives of students.

MHSE Undergraduate Teacher Certification Requirement