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Name: Keri-Dean Scarlett

Current location: Elizabeth, NJ

Date of Graduation from Lehman: May 2015

Type of degree/major/specialization/certificate: Master of Science in Geographic Information Science

Title of MS-GISc capstone project: A Summer interning at Region II EPA

Positions held since graduating: Jr. Environmental Scientist

Type of work you do there: I do a combination of field related work such as dust and noise monitoring, IH testing (Cadmium & Lead testing), Legionella Water Testing. I also Asbestos testing from time to time, with other types of industrial hygiene testing to come.

Specific accomplishments of which you are most proud: I am proud that I completed my masters program in a timely manner. I went to graduate school because I wanted to make the transition from lab work to field/consulting work, and I have made major progress towards accomplishing that goal.

Geography or GISc activities and/or accomplishments, awards, internships, publications: I did a paid GIS summer internship with the EPA in summer of 2014. For me working for the US Environmental Protection Agency for the summer and graduating with my masters was a big accomplishment.

Overall assessment of how Lehman’s EEGS Program prepared you for your current life: Lehman's EEGS Program has prepared me for my current life by getting me more opportunities/opening more doors than I had before I started the program. I remember going to talk to Prof. Maantay and telling her that I wanted to do field work and she said that I would be able to do it. Fast forward about 3 years and here I am doing field work.

Comments on the EEGS Dept Program you were enrolled in: I enjoyed going to class, the classes were fun and informative, and I liked the fact that they had end of semester final projects, even though they were sometimes stressful. I liked the way the MS-GISc program is structured and the fact that they are available to answer emails in a timely manner.









Last modified: Mar 14, 2016

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