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Name: Rosa Perez

Current location: Bronx, New York

Date of Graduation from Lehman: May 2015

Type of degree/major/specialization/certificate: Master of Science in Geographic Information Science - Urban Sustainability Concentration

Positions held since graduating:

-Currently working at: NYC Dept. of Design & Construction: IT Unit – GIS/CAD Support Team - GIS Analyst
-New York-New Jersey Harbor Estuary Program: GIS Specialist Consultant
-NYC Dept. of City Planning – IT Division: Geographic Systems Unit -GIS Intern

Type of work you do there: In the support & maintenance of the planning activities of the Dept. of Design and Construction:
• Use ESRI ArcGIS, AutoCad, and Microsoft in the coordination of the mapping of New York City capital construction planning project locations,
• Creation of maps and visualizations supporting project planning;
• Perform research and analysis of geographic data resources related to architecture, environmental, planning, societal and built environment;
• Perform GIS relevant support requests and installations. Resolve any issues with ArcGIS maps for varying project use.

Specific accomplishments of which you are most proud: My proudest career and academic accomplishment is graduating with my Masters in GIS from Lehman in the spring of 2015. I’ve been part of the GIS program at Lehman slowly taking GIS courses over a seven year period beginning in 2008. During that time I worked as a gardener in various organizations and became a single mother to my son. Balancing school, work, and my responsibility as a mother was physically and emotionally difficult due to that fact that I had a very physically demanding job. However, despite all the obstacles and setbacks, I managed to graduate Lehman with my Masters, which I am so very proud of. I am extremely thankful for the supportive environment of all the professors and classmates in the GIS program.

Geography or GISc activities and/or accomplishments, awards, internships, publications: NOAA-Crest: Research Fellowship recipient in GIS
Lehman College: Graduate Academic Scholarship Award

Overall assessment of how Lehman’s EEGS Program prepared you for your current life: The GIS department at Lehman opened the door for me to so many academic and career opportunities. My education at Lehman has been such a positive life changing experience for me. I'm so grateful to all the professors in the GIS department for their guidance and support. My fellow GIS classmates have always been so encouraging and helpful. Anytime I had a GIS relevant question, Brian from the GIS Lab, my fellow classmates and the professors always were willing to guide me to a resolution. I am so grateful to have received a rigorous and academically challenging experience in the GIS Master’s Program at Lehman. The education I received at Lehman allows me to effectively complete the responsibilities at my current job as a GIS Analyst at the Dept. of Design and Construction GIS Support Team and I am so appreciative for all the life and academic lessons that the program has given me. I definitely would recommend students thinking of applying to the program to do so.









Last modified: Apr 6, 2016

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