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Shaky Sherpa


Current location:

New York, NY, USA


Date of Graduation from Lehman:

June 2007


Type of degree/major/specialization/certificate:

BS in Computer Information System/ Certificate in Geographic Information Science


Subsequent degrees earned or in progress:

MPH in Environmental Health and Policy, Columbia University


Title of MS-GISc capstone project:

“Using GIS to study the impact of Tourism on Deforestation in the Everest Region of Nepal”


Positions held since graduating:

GIS Intern- Department of City Planning (DCP) 2007-2008

Research Assistant- International Research Institute for Climate and Society(IRI) 2008-2010

GIS Analyst - Institute for Socio-Economic Research and Policy (ISERP) 2009-2010

GIS Specialist -Center for International Earth Science Information Network (CIESIN) 2010-2011

GIS Research Analyst - Earth Institute, Columbia University 2011- Present


Type of work you do there:

I started out as an intern in the Geographic Section of DCP primarily to help create a  digitial single line based citywide street network base map dataset for the NYC Map. I was given the opportunity to continue after graduation whereafter I worked on helping to create a Geo-coding application based on the street addresses. Then after I worked as a Research Assistant at IRI on environmental health issues with a focus on spatial and temporal pattern as part of Graduate Studies at Columbia. Then after, I worked as a GIS Analyst at ISERP for a project looking at the relationship between built environment and physical health. I then worked as a GIS Specialist at CIESIN . Shortly, there after, I moved to the Earth Institute where I currently work  as a GIS Research Analyst. At EI, my work in GIS focuses on facilitating informed decision making and optimized planning across range of development projects spanning from different sectors like health, energy and environment.


Specific accomplishments of which you are most proud:

- Honorable Mention for the Best Interactive Map in The 39th Cartographic and Geographic Information Society (CAGIS)

Map published in the National Geographic Magazine -August 2012

Geography or GISc activities/accomplishments/awards/internships/publications:

"Geography of Infrastructure Functionality at Schools in Nigeria: Evidence from Spatial Data Analysis Across Local Government Areas" To be published in Papers in Applied Geography 01/2015

“The economics of clean energy resource development and grid interconnection in Africa”-Published in Renewable Energy 09/2013

“Lead exposure from soil in Peruvian mining towns: a national assessment supported by two contrasting examples.” Published Bulletin of the World Health Organisation 12/2012


Comments on the EEGS Dept Program you were enrolled in:

I must say hands down that the best decision i made in my life so far was to enroll myself in the GIS certificate program in the additional semester i had to wait to graduate from my major in Computer Information Systems. It was the perfect complement to my major course of study and has opened me to a wide range of opportunities because of the skills i acquired through the program.  The EEGS GIS program also installed in me a new passion and interest in the field of Geography and Geo-Spatial Science and so am currently pursuing a doctoral degree at the Graduate Center, CUNY.



What else have you been up to?

Shaky is married and recently became a father of a handsome little boy (well before that he was a father to a cute little Shih Tzu). He is a native of Nepal and loves rock climbing and soccer.







Last modified: Nov 21, 2014

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