Department of Earth, Environmental, and Geospatial Sciences



Name: Zakkiyyah Shah


Current location: New York, NY


Date of Graduation from Lehman: May 2013


Type of degree/major/specialization/certificate: Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and Bachelor of Arts in Geography/ GIS Certificate 


Subsequent degrees earned or in progress: Masters of GISc program


Positions held since graduating: GIS Lab Tutor; Research Assistant


Specific accomplishments of which you are most proud: USDA Research Fellow; NOAA CREST Research Fellow;  


Geography or GISc activities/accomplishments/awards/internships/publications: Graduate Poster contest winner @ the Westchester GIS Users conference 2013.

Overall assessment of how Lehman’s EEGS Program prepared you for your current life: Lehman's EEGS Program has provided a comprehensive foundation that is preparing the student for the current work force demands. Resources and methods introduced should motivate the student to seek groups and programs to enrich their learning experience and not just limit what they will need to succeed to inside the classroom. 


Comments on the EEGS Dept Program you were enrolled in: The program and people it attracts continues to foster creative relationships and expands aspects of the art and science of GIS.







Last modified: Nov 21, 2014

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