Environmental, Geographic, and Geological Sciences


Jinyu Wang



Environmental Science, Earth Science, Environmental Conservation

2009 to 2010

Environmental Health (BCC):

  • Lecture: Environmental systems, ecology, human population, soil, agriculture and future of food, non-renewable energy resources, renewable energy resources, land use and management, environmental health and toxicology, water resource and pollution, atmospheric science and pollution, global warming, solid and hazard waste etc.
  • Lab: conduct chemical experiments and write lab reports for each lab: water hardness determination, hardness removal by soda ash, phytoremediation by water hyacinths, chlorine determination in water samples, ammonia removal by breakpoint chlorination, and water turbidity removal, environmental pollution, policy and management, Harlem River field trip: water samples collection and analysis (collaborated with Urban Divers http://www.urbandivers.org/harlem.php


Environmental Science (Queens College):

  • Lecture: Introduction, Human pollution, biogeochemical cycling, water and hydrologic cycle, ecosystems, evolution & biodiversity, species interactions & endangered species, marine resources, forest and development. Soil & agriculture, fossil fuels & impacts, alternative energy sources, atmosphere & circulation, air pollution, climate change: greenhouse effect, drinking water & water pollution, waste management, environmental health and toxicology, future of environmental sciences
  • Lab:scientific method in environmental science; estimation of environmental risk, such as consumption of fish and mercury exposure; health risk of lead; personal energy consumption; brownfields to greenfields: soil properties and metal contamination in soil, air pollution, weather and climate, water-borne infectious diseases, drinking water quality etc.


  • Earth Science (Physical Geology) (BCC, Queens College, York College, Hunter College):
  • Lecture: cosmology, Earth interior structure, minerals, drifing continents and spreading seas, plate tectonics, volcanic eruptions and igneous rocks, sedimentary rocks, metamorphism and metamorphic rocks; crustal deformation and mountain building, geology time, energy resources etc.
  • Lab: identify minerals, rocks, plate tectonics, topographic maps, flooding, earth quake, glacial landform, geological time dating, field trip each semester to the
  • American Museum of Natural History (AMNH): Hall of the Universe and Big Bang, Hall of Planet Earth, Hall of Minerals and Gems, Hall of New York State Environment, Hall of Meteorites;
  • Central Park: to observe the Manhattan schist;
  • Fort Tyron Park: to observe glacial erratic, metamorphic rocks mostly genesis and schist
  • Riker Hill Quarry, Roseland, NJ: looking at 180 million year (my) old sedimentary and metamorphic rocks, glacial erratic;
  • Orchard Beach, Bronx, NY: to see 450 my old sedimentary, metamorphic, volcanic rocks, and glacial erratic;
  • Caumsett Park in Long Island: to observe glacial and coastal landforms.


  • Conservation of the Environment GEH 235 (Lehman College EGGs Dept): Ecolgy, Soil-Nature, Conservation and sustainable agriculture, aquatic environment, water resources/pollution/management/sustainable waste management/air pollution, final project, presentation and final paper required, exam-mid term/final
  • Outside speaker: Dr. Richard Shaw, soil scientist, USDA, Staten Island-give a lecture on NYC soil to students
  • Hydrology engineer from NYC DEP to give an introduction on the Hunts Point Waste Water Treatment Plant to help students understand wastewater treatment procedures (followed Water Pollution lecture)
  • Former students’ final projects: including many interesting topics such as ‘Reuse, reduce, recycle’, ‘world hunger’, ‘air pollution in NYC’, ‘urban heat island effect’, ‘water pollution’, ‘global warming’, etc.

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