General Education

LEH 351- 355: Capstone Courses

  • LEH 351 Studies in Science & Applied Perspectives: Selected topics in the social sciences, life and physical sciences and applied perspectives
  • LEH 352 Studies in Literature: Selected topics in literature. 
  • LEH 353 Studies in the Arts: Selected topics in the arts. 
  • LEH 354 Historical Studies: Selected topics in historical studies.
  • LEH 355 Studies in Philosophy, Theory & Abstract Thinking: Selected topics in philosophy, theory and abstract thinking.
    • Prerequisites for the LEH351-LEH355 courses are 60 credits (or an associate’s degree) and declaration of a major. No permission is required to register for LEH351-LEH355. 
    • As the final General Education courses in the junior or senior year, all students are required to take two of the LEH351-355 courses.
    • In order to fulfill the requirement, these two must be outside the chosen major field. For example, a student majoring in Business Administration (which is an applied perspective) may choose two courses from LEH352, LEH353, LEH354, or LEH355.  
    • Click here for the list of majors and the LEH350-series course which cannot be taken for General Education credit.
    • The General Education requirement is to take TWO DIFFERENT courses outside the major area. Different sections from the same course do not satisfy the requirement.
    • Sections of LEH351- LEH355 are devoted to a variety of topics, which change from semester to semester. The sections are often multi-disciplinary, which means that they examine topics from the perspective of different disciplines.  The topic of the course comes from one of the five basic areas of the courses.
    • Students may take more than two LEH351-355 courses and may take individual courses than once for elective credit.  An LEH351-355 which is in the student’s major area may be taken for elective credit, even though the course will not grant General Education credit.

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