General Education

Sample Syllabi 2006-2007

LEH 300

Brownson, Carl Immortality: Pictures of the Afterlife
Carey, Roz "And we have killed him": modernity, faith, and the denial of God [w PHI365]
Cash, Jeremy Leisure and Recreation in a Multicultural Society
Choplet, Nadeige Madness and Modernism
DeSimone, Janet Ethics and Decision Making in Literature and Film
Fujioka, Tim Poets, Priests, Painters, Punkers: Voices of Dissent in Latin America
Gallo, Marcia Sexuality and Sex Roles in Transnational Perspective
Joyce, Regina A Tale of Two Forces: Religion and Global Politics
Maybee, Julie "Images of Master and Slave in Western Culture" [joint with PHI 361]
Radford, Tanya Pattern Recognition: Images and Visual Literacy
Rosen, Marjorie Movie Heroines in a Changing World
Salamandra, Christa The Middle East through Urban and Popular Culture
Salmanova, Ekaterina The Mystery of St. Petersburg: Literature, Art, Film
Spear, Thomas Autobiography and Self-Portraiture
Sramek, Joseph Colonial Cultures
Viano, Bernado Mexican Muralism: Revolution and Other Universal Themes

LEH 301

Artinian, Art American Politics through Poetry, Philosophy, Music and Art
Badillo, David Explorations in Latino History and Sociology
Bullaro, Grace The Immigration Experience
Glasser, Marilynn Americans at Play: Defining a National Character through Leisure
Graulau, Jeannette Global Environmental Politics
Hall, Polly Politics, Culture, and Human Rights
Hall, Polly American Environmental Policy
Hodge, Jean Women & Minorities in Film and Literature
Jacques, Geoffrey The Sixties in American Culture
Joyce, Regina Latin America: The Violent Children of Cain
Kaczinsky, Charles  “Real to Reel”: New York Immigration in Film
Khalid, Robina Brother from Another Planet: African-American Speculative Fiction
Morrison, Nora American Popular Music from the Forties through the Sixties
Murphy, Denis From the Old World to the New: The Irish-American Experience
Perry-Ryder, Gail Black Popular Culture
Radford, Tanya Perfect America: The Utopian Impulse in American Cultural History and Literature
VanNatter, Amy Public Enemies, Public Heroes: Crime in American politics and society
Whittaker, Robert FEAR: Communism and American Culture
Williams, Stacey The Black Image: From Caricture to HipHop Mass Marketing

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