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Faculty Danna Ethan

E-Mail Address:
Office Number: Gillet Hall, Room 334
Rank: Assistant Professor
Degrees and Sources of Degrees:B.A., Franklin and Marshall Coll.; M.S.W., New York Univ.; M.A., Ed.D., Teachers Coll., Columbia Univ.

Dr. Ethan is Assistant Professor and Director of the Undergraduate Health Education and Promotion Program in the Department of Health Sciences at Lehman College, CUNY. Dr. Ethan earned her doctorate in health education from Teachers College, Columbia University, and received her graduate training in social work from New York University. Dr. Ethan’s research interests are in college health promotion and urban health disparities.

Reseach Interests:

  • Health disparities, health determinants, college student health.

Selected publications:

  • Ethan, D., Basch, C.H., Rajan, S., Samuel, L. & Hammond, R.N. A comparison of nutritional content of food products on circulars for grocery stores in highest- versus lowest-income NYC zip codes. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 2014;11:537-547.
  • Ethan, D., Rennis, L., Samuel, L., Seidel, E.J. & Basch, C.H. A review of college-level health textbooks for coverage of type 2 diabetes, prediabetes, and metabolic syndrome. Health Education Journal. 2014;73(2):217-227.
  • Samuel, L., Basch, C.H., Ethan, D. & Hammond, R. An analysis of sodium and fat contents of food products advertised in Bronx-based online grocery store circulars. Journal of Community Health. (Epub ahead of print, February 1, 2014).
  • Basch, C.H., Hammond, R.N., Ethan, D. & Samuel, L. Food advertisements in two popular parenting magazines: Results of a five-year analysis. Global Journal of Health Science. 2014; 6(2):175-82.
  • Ethan, D., Samuel, L., Basch, C.H. & Hammond, R. Disparate advertising of sugary drinks: An analysis of beverages promoted in circulars from grocery stores in high- and low-income New York City zip codes. Journal of Community Medicine and Health Education. 2013; 4:e1.
  • Ethan, D., Samuel, L. & Basch, C.H. An analysis of Bronx-based online grocery store circulars for nutritional content of food and beverage products. Journal of Community Health. 2013; Jun; 38(3):521-8.
  • Basch, C.H., Ethan, D. & Rajan, S. Price, promotion, and availability of nutrition information: A descriptive study of a popular fast food chain in New York City. Global Journal of Health Science. 2013; 5(6):73-80.
  • Basch, C.H., Samuel, L. & Ethan, D. Obesity, diabetes and heart disease: Consequences of globalization on population health and the importance of social change. International Journal of Health Promotion and Education. 2013; 51(4):185-197.
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  • Rajan, S, Basch, C.H. & Ethan, D. Observational data collection of environmental and behavioral characteristics: Strengths, limitations, and implications for health communication. Journal of Mass Communication and Journalism. 2013; 3:e141.
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  • Implementing and Evaluating a School-based Program to Improve Childhood Vision. Ethan, D., Basch, C., Platt, R., Bogen, E. & Zybert, P. Journal of School Health. 2010; 80(7):340-345.
  • Promoting Healthy Vision in Students: Progress and Challenges in Policy, Programs and Research. Ethan, D. & Basch, C. Journal of School Health. 2008; 78(8):411–416.