Lehman College: Faculty: Sharon Freedberg


Sharon Freedberg

Academic Interests: Relational/Cultural theories from a feminist perspective; women’s issues and social work practice, an ethic of care and the professionalization of social work.


  • Freedberg, S. (2009). Relational theory for social work practice: A feminist Perspective. NY: Routledge Press.
  • Freedberg, S. (2007). Re-examining empathy: A relational-feminist point of view. Social Work Journal of the National Association of Social Workers, 52 (3), 251-261.
  • Freedberg, S., Haghighat, E. and Ngo-Ngijol-Banoum. B. (Eds.). (Fall 2005). The role of women in world peace & the role of men and boys in gender equity. NY: Lehman College

Last modified: Oct 13, 2011