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Faculty Moira Sauane

Moira Sauane ‘s research focuses on discovering the precise molecular mechanisms by which cancer-therapeutic agents selectively kill cancer cells.  Importantly the molecules she is studying are also involved in immunomodulatory and antiangiogenic processes, properties that can also be harnessed to fight cancer. This type of approaches is essential to producing cutting-edge therapies that are safer and more effective than current cancer treatments.

Student Mireille Happy

Undergraduate student Mireille Happy is working with Dr. Moira Sauane in the Deparment of Biological Sciences to investigate the tumor suppressor gene p53 as part of an innovative approach in the next generation of breast cancer therapies. Mireille  is also the president of the Women In Science, Health and Engineering. Her work in Dr. Sauane’s lab demonstrated for the first time the synergistic effect of p53 in combination with the Sigma 1 Receptor antagonist Rimcazole. Part of these results were reported in a research article, where Mireille Happy was the first author, titled “Sigma 1 Receptor antagonist potentiates the anti-cancer effect of p53 by regulating ER stress, ROS production, Bax levels, and caspase-3 activation.” These provocative findings suggest that this combinatorial strategy might provide a platform for developing effective treatments for therapy-resistant cancers.