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The Department of Physics and Astronomy prepares students for positions in government and industry and for graduate study in physics and related fields. Students in the Department may choose either a 36-credit major leading to a B.A. degree or a 54-credit major leading to a B.S. degree. The Department also offers a variety of basic courses designed for general education and for students in other departments, and cooperates with the Department of Middle and High School Education in preparing students to teach physics in secondary schools.

The Department of Physics and Astronomy also administers the Pre-engineering Transfer Program.

54-Credit Major in Physics, B.S.

The B.S. degree program in Physics is designed for students who are planning a career in physics research and/or college- and university-level teaching.

36-Credit Major in Physics, B.A.

The B.A. program in Physics is designed for students who, although not planning a career in physics research and/or college/university-level teaching, have a strong interest in physical science, particularly physics, and wish to prepare for a career in which a good basic knowledge of physics is useful. Among such careers are the health professions, elementary and secondary school science teaching, patent-law practice, industrial management, and science journalism.

22-Credit Minor in Physics

A minor in Physics consists of either PHY 166 and 167 or PHY 168 and 169, or, with chair's permission, PHY 135 and 167, and at least 12 credit hours of courses at the 200-level or above.

Pre-Engineering Transfer Program

Lehman College offers a Pre-engineering Transfer Program, administered by the Department of Physics and Astronomy. Students study at Lehman for two years before transferring to the School of Engineering at City College. (For more information, consult the Pre-Engineering adviser in Gillet Hall, Room 131.)

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