Department of Social Work

55 - Credit Major in Social Work, B.A.

The following credits and courses are required of all Social Work majors:

  • 33 credits in Social Work:

    • SWK 237: Introduction to Social Work
    • SWK 239: Social Welfare Institutions
    • SWK 305: Human Behavior and the Social Environment I
    • SWK 306: Human Behavior and the Social Environment II
    • SWK 311: Social Work Practice I
    • SWK 312: Social Work Practice II
    • SWK 440: Fieldwork Seminar I
    • SWK 470: Fieldwork I
    • SWK 441: Fieldwork Seminar II
    • SWK 471: Fieldwork II
    • SWK 443: Social Welfare Policy

Note: Only students who have successfully completed the College's English requirements may register for SWK 440, 441, 470, and 471.
Note: Students must complete an Application for Fieldwork during the semester prior to begining Fieldwork.
Note: SWK 443 (Social Welfare Policy) must be taken concurrently with either SWK 440 and 470 (Fieldwork Seminar I and Fieldwork I) or with SWK 441 and 471 (Fieldwork Seminar II and Fieldwork II).

  • 12 credits in Sociology: 


    • SOC 166: Fundamental of Sociology
    • SOC 301: Methods of Social Research
    • SOC 303: Advanced Methods of Sociology
      Plus an additional Sociology Course
    • (3XX) Higher Than Sociology 303

  • 10 credits in other disciplines:
    • PSY 166: General Psychology
    • POL 166: The American Political System
    • BIO 183: Human Biology

Note: Social Work 250: Special Studies in Social Work may be offered as elective courses (Not required for the major.)

Note: For students in the 1984 curriculum, PSY 166 and BIO 183 may be used toward fulfillment of Distribution Requirements. If a speech course is needed to fulfill the College's requirement in oral English, SPE 204 should be taken.

Social Work majors are exempt from the College's requirement of a minor.

According to New York State Education Department regulations, students receiving a B.A. degree must complete 90 credits in liberal arts courses.

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