Department of Social Work


Note: Students should note that the following year-long sequences begin only in the Fall semester

    • SWK 305: Human Behavior and the Social Environment I
    • SWK 306: Human Behavior and the Social Environment II
    • SWK 311: Social Work Practice I/li>
    • SWK 312: Social Work Practice II
    • SWK 440: Fieldwork Seminar I
    • SWK 470: Fieldwork I
    • SWK 441: Fieldwork Seminar II
    • SWK 471: Fieldwork II
    • SWK 443: Social Welfare Policy

Note: Only students who have successfully completed the College's English requirements may register for SWK 440, 441, 470, and 471. 

Note: Students must complete an Application for Fieldwork during the semester prior to begining Fieldwork. 

Note: SWK 443 (Social Welfare Policy) must be taken concurrently with either SWK 440 and 470 (Fieldwork Seminar I and Fieldwork I) or with SWK 441 and 471 (Fieldwork Seminar II and Fieldwork II).

To view the full list of courses offered, visit the Online Undergraduate Catalog

Last modified: Jan 7, 2016

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