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Department of Sociology at Lehman College


Students majoring or minoring in sociology, or considering doing so, are strongly encouraged to consult with a sociology faculty adviser regularly to plan their course of study. Ideally, this should be done prior to registration (when lines are usually long). Advisers are assigned based on last name, but you may speak with any full-time faculty member. See the list of sociology advisors. Any member of the sociology faculty can offer advice about course selection, graduate school, or career opportunities. However, Professor Christopher Bonastia is the major advisor, and he, or Professor Kofi Benefo should be consulted if an issue should arise or if there is uncertainty about transfer credits. The best time to see a faculty advisor about your course of study is several weeks before you register.

When you come in for the first time, bring with you a transcript of all college courses taken here or at another school and, if you are a transfer student, the transfer evaluation form that you were given in Shuster Hall. If you do not have an evaluation of your transfer credits, you may obtain one in Shuster Hall, Room 161. Advising hours for faculty are posted outside the main office of the sociology department in Carman B65. Although the Department will seek to guide students, it is the student's responsibility to ensure that they understand and fulfill the requirements for graduation.

If you are considering graduate school, consult with Prof. Elin Waring as early as possible, ideally no later than spring of your junior year. However, even freshmen and sophomores considering this option should seek advice about course selection.