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Arleni Ulloa, Spain

Lehman Student Arleni Ulloa, SpainArleni Ulloa graduated with a bachelor's degree in Spanish literature. She was awarded a STOCS scholarship and studied abroad in Madrid, Spain where she took Spanish literature courses. During her stay, she visited Barcelona, Nebrija, the historic city of Avila, and many other Spanish cities and sites. She is currently pursuing her master's degree in Spanish literature at Lehman College.


Elías Alcántara, Chile

Lehman Graduate Elías Alcántara in ChileElías Alcántara earned his bachelor's degree in political science and philosophy. He studied a semester in London where he took political science and philosophy courses. At Lehman, he was a SEEK student and a member of the Lehman Scholars program. He also served as CASA president and interned at the Mayor's office. In fall 2009, he was awarded a scholarship from the Organization of American States for graduate studies—he was only one of three Americans to win the scholarship. Today, he is pursuing his master's degree in international studies at the Institute of International Studies at the University of Chile in Santiago. During his time there, he will also be conducting research on the rights of indigenous people.


Lehman Graduate Laura Bodden, EnglandLaura Bodden, England

Laura Bodden earned her undergraduate and graduate degrees in music. She studied in London during the winter session. In 2006, Laura won the Celia Cruz and the Heineken Foundation Scholarship for music students. As a student, she was a member of the Lehman Scholars and McNair programs, and she was inducted into the Golden Key Honour society. Laura is also an aspiring opera singer, who hopes to pursue her Ph.D. in opera performance.


Lehman Graduate Joyce Huang, JapanJoyce Huang, Japan

Joyce Huang is a senior at Lehman College majoring in mass communications and minoring in creative writing. Joyce studied abroad in Japan where she was exposed to the unique and flourishing Japanese film industry. Through the "A Look Inside the Japanese Film Industry" program, she was able to study under some of the biggest names in the industry.


Lehman Graduate Barbara Frohberg. Japan and KoreaBarbara Frohberg. Japan and Korea

Barbara Frohberg is a graduating senior in the Anthropology Department. Her passion for Asian cultures motivated her to study abroad twice. She studied at Kwansei Gakuin University in Nishinomiya, Japan and at Sungshin Women's University in Seoul, Korea. Barbara was a recipient of the Gilman and Freeman ASIA scholarships.


Lehman Graduate Ruth Barral, ItalyRuth Barral, Italy

Ruth Helen Barral is a Macaulay Honors student majoring in political science and art history and minoring in anthropology. She studied abroad in Florence, Italy where she took a course in "Italian Renaissance Civilization and Culture." Ruth is also a Presidential Scholar (Lehman, Fall 2009), Jewish Foundation for Education of Women Scholar, and a Gilder Lehman Scholar (2008).


Lehman Graduate Samantha Brijmohan, FranceSamantha Brijmohan, France

Samantha Brijmohan is a graduating senior who is currently spending her last semester as a study abroad student in Paris, France. She is a finance major, but she is taking FLE (Français langue Étrangère) classes to help her improve her French at Saint Denis-Paris 8. In addition, she is also taking a creative writing class.


Lehman Graduate uke Mccaffrey, EgyptLuke Mccaffrey, Egypt

Luke McCaffrey is a senior majoring in history, with a specialization in Middle Eastern Studies, and minoring in Creative Writing. In Cairo, he studied the Arabic language at the Arab Academy and received private tutoring from a well-known Egyptian writer, Ahmed al-Husseini. Luke is in the Golden Key Honour Society and has been on the Dean's List.


Lehman Graduate Rafael Almanzar, GreeceRafael Almanzar, Greece

Rafael Almanzar graduated in May 2009 with a Bachelor's in sociology and a minor in psychology. He was awarded a STOCS scholarship and studied abroad in Athens, Greece where he learned about ancient and contemporary Greek culture. Of his experience Almanzar says, "To experience what I had only seen in textbooks and on television was life changing." Rafael currently works for the SEEK program and hopes to pursue a master's degree in school counseling.


Vered Albelda, Israel and CanadaVered Albelda, Israel and Canada

Vered is a recent Lehman graduate. She is a Macaulay Honors student. She majored in Psychology and minored in French. She studied abroad in Israel for the summer where she took Anthropology and Sociology courses. She went on to study abroad in Canada where she took French Language courses.


June Carrington, South AfricaJune Carrington, South Africa

June studied abroad in South Africa for one semester. She was an Anthropology major at Lehman. While in South Africa, she conducted fieldwork, which she later applied to her thesis. In addition to being part of the Lehman Scholars program, she was also a McNair scholar. She is currently working on her Masters in Applied Medical Anthropology at SUNY Buffalo.


Lily Nuñez, IndiaLily Nuñez, India

Lily studied abroad in India during the winter session. She was a Speech Pathology & Audiology major at Lehman. In India, she visited different cities and towns filming different aspects of Indian society. Her group used the footage to create a documentary. She minored in Women's Studies and used her documentary to fulfill her minor requirements. Lilly is currently working on her Masters in Bilingual Speech Language Hearing sciences at Columbia University.


Emely Luis, China Emely Luis, China

Emely is currently a senior at Lehman. She is a history major who studied abroad in China where she was introduced to Chinese history. She is working on completing her Bacherlor's degree and in the future she hopes to go into the education field.


Carmen Soto, IndiaCarmen Soto, India

Carmen is a junior at Lehman. She studied abroad in India for the winter session. She is a Business Administration Major and a Theater minor. While in India, Carmen took a performing arts course. She learned about Kathakali, a three hundred year-old dance drama tradition, with master teachers from the leading performing arts academy in Kerala, India.